It’s the most wonderful time of the year: festival season! No matter which event you’re attending, it’s your chance to fully express your festival style and there is no holding back. EDM fashion is continually changing, and while you might have your festival outfits ready, here’s a list of killer trends you can incorporate to […]
The Aesthetic of The Rave Since the beginning of EDM, the aesthetic of the rave scene has always been about the neons, the metallics, and whatever put an outfit over the top. While these flashy elements are still seen everywhere today, their execution has evolved entirely. At Electric Daisy Carnival, whether it be Orlando, Vegas, […]
How To Survive Your First EDM Festival
If you’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and go to your first festival, you have a lot to know. We’re sure that you’re nervous yet giddy in anticipation. Every seasoned festival goer has felt this feeling before. However, if you know what you’re getting yourself into, you should have nothing to worry about! would rather […]
Each year, in June, thousands flock to the evergreen town of Manchester, Tennessee to attend one of the most famous events in the country. The festival that jump-started the millennial obsession with live music, community and art celebration is the one and only Bonnaroo Festival. The aesthetic of this existential event is low-key utility, with artistic […]
Coachella Outfit Ideas Blog Featured Image
So you’re going to Coachella… As one of the most coveted music festivals in the country, scoring a weekend pass to Coachella is a feat all its own. If you were able to snag tickets from the official website, chances are that you probably had a part in beating out a few celebrities, as well […]
Imagine our surprise when we turned on the television to see two GloFX sponsored promoters flowing with the Space Whip Pro on MTV! It was a beautiful turn of events leading up to this monumental moment in GloFX and flow arts history. The two GloFX promoters who made their way to Los Angeles and landed on […]
Ultimate Guide to Music Festival Outfits
The excitement and intensity of snagging tickets to the top festival of the summer are unimaginable! You’re excited, nervous, and impatient. After emotions settle down, you focus on the critical. Your outfits! A five-day event where shorts and tanks won’t cut it. Why? Because you are a die-hard head-banger. This isn’t just some weekend getaway […]
NYE Rave Outfit Trends
The most lit holiday of the season is upon us! New Year’s Eve! We at GloFX know how important it is to go out with a bang. Just like we did earlier this holiday season, we have comprised some of the year’s best festival fashions to inspire your New Year’s Eve look. Should you use […]
Welcome Congressman Al Lawson
US Congressman Al Lawson visited GloFX headquarters in Tallahassee on Wednesday October 18th, marking yet another sign of the company’s rapid growth and success. Congressman Lawson has been of service to the State of Florida for over 28 years, serving in the both the Florida House of Representatives and State Senate prior to his tenure […]
DJs as Game of Thrones Characters
**SPOILER ALERT — PROCEED WITH CAUTION IF YOU ARE BEHIND ON GAME OF THRONES** Season 7 of Game of Thrones has come to an unfortunate close and no one is ready to talk about it yet. The season finale did show us a ton of scenes we have been waiting for and gives us something […]
Ion Orbit Homepage
GloFX is excited to announce that the next evolution in orbiting is here! The Ion Orbit has been in development for months and has gone through multiple rounds of testing and feedback from the orbiting community to ensure that it will be your new favorite orbit. What’s to love about the Ion? Lots! Let’s take a […]