Sterling Award Featured Image
GloFX is proud to be named a finalist for the Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Award! This award is being sponsored by the Florida Sterling Council and FloridaMakes, both of which are Florida based non-profit corporations. Founded in 2009, GloFX is the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative party eyewear and LED flow products. Always looking for the next […]
DIY Rave Outfit Tips for EDM Festivals
One of the best parts of an EDM festival is the unique rave outfits.  Many of these outfits start as simple “Do It Yourself” (DIY) projects. Festival fashion is made up of an endless spectrum of materials that can be worn for the sole purpose of self-expression. There are no rules that dictate what is and isn’t “festival appropriate”. The general […]
Top 10 Bad Excuses Blog Graphic
We all have that one friend who seems to have an endless list of reasons for skipping out on fun events. AKA: “That Guy“.  We’ve compiled a list of 5 terrible excuses that we’ve heard for not attending an EDM festival or rave, and prepared responses you can use for each one. Festivals are a place where […]
2017 Best EDM Festivals Worldwide
One of the hardest decisions we ever have to make is choosing which EDM festivals we want to attend. With promoters competing to create the best experience, festivals are creating a better atmosphere and better lineup than ever before. There’s treasure lying waiting at every single festival, so how could we possibly know which ones hold the […]
With spring fast approaching, the time has arrived for ravers to begin making plans for their summer festival excursions. Without proper rave gear, their experiences won’t be nearly as profound. Now is the perfect time to consider getting involved with a company that plays a part in creating thousands of unforgettable moments at EDM festivals. If you […]
OMF - Music, Art, & Giving Back Feature Image
The weeks before Okeechobee Music Festival are always filled with anticipation. While its never comparable to the real thing, you may find delight in visualizing yourself walking through the doors in your new festival gear, ready for an adventure of a lifetime. You might also fantasize about moments that are too good to be true, but […]
Dear GloFX Community, Followers, and Supporters, Before I get into what’s to come from GloFX in 2017, I’d like to formally address our gratitude towards members of the EDM community, GloFX supporters, followers, and friends for helping us get this far. We could not have ended 2016 on a better note, with our most successful quarter in […]
Electronic Dance Music’s (EDM) presence has spread around the world like wildfire in recent years. Some EDM enthusiasts question the eventual decline of EDM’s popularity. We’re here to tell you not to worry because the future of EDM is looking brighter than ever. Here are five signs 2017 will be the biggest year for EDM yet. 1. Major US EDM Festivals […]
The 5 Best GloFX Firework Glasses for NYE As we approach the end of another 365-day cycle, many thoughts begin to race in our heads. The anticipation of the future evokes a sense of both excitement and mystery within people around the world. To some, the dawning of a new year brings the hope of accomplishing new goals […]
GloFX is proud to announce our new partnership with the Challenger Space Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching children about the wonderful world of science. We’ve provided their team with our Ultimate Diffraction Glasses so that kids can learn about the nature of light by experiencing the process of light diffraction with their own eyes. This […]
WHAT IS A SPACE WHIP | FUNCTION | PERFORMANCE | CHOOSING YOUR MODEL If you’ve ever seen a Fiber Optic LED Space Whip in person, then you know how cool it is to watch someone use one. They are fun to look at, even when it’s not being used. When you see one, you can’t help but […]
It’s been an eventful year for EDM news and the EDM festival community. Whether it’s a DJ who has gone into retirement, or a festival that was mistaken for an earthquake it seems like there is always something to talk about within EDM culture. If you happened to miss hearing about these major EDM news events, we’ve got […]