We all know about camping, and to a certain extent, what that entails. Some love it- the gritty, in-the-middle-of-nowhere feel. Understandable! Get’s you connected to nature. But others aren’t as big of a fan. No beds, all bugs. No fresh food, just hotdogs! No air conditioning. No bathrooms. No showers! If you are looking to […]
How to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder and Color Therapy Glasses
In the United States alone, depression affects over 16.1 million people and accounts for over 6% of the population. Worldwide, that statistic shoots to over 268 million. Although Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) doesn’t have the word “depression” in it, it is a type of depression. While Color Therapy Glasses are not a cure for any […]
Top EDM Festivals Worldwide in 2019
The GloFX team has revamped and brought back our list of the Biggest and Best EDM Festivals of 2019. How can we pick which EDM festivals to attend when there are so many bidding for our love and support? Festivals continue to one-up each other, creating new experiences and adventures each year, so be sure […]
GloFX Year in Review 2018 Rage Blog
Here at GloFX, we set our sights on the stars, and we take pride in being able to consistently reach our sky-high expectations. In 2018, we set the bar even higher and are so incredibly proud to say that we met and exceeded our goals on countless occasions! With the year coming to a close, […]
10 Festival Outfits for the Holiday Season Feature Image
Tis’ the season for cold weather and Christmas sweaters… unless you are a rave babe heading to an EDM festival. While it may be chilly outside, you will still be looking hot. If you are attending Snowglobe, Electric Christmas or any other shows in the coming months, we are assuring you that the 10 outfit inspirations […]
GloFX Supports Children's Heart Foundation Rage Blog
There is a lot to love about GloFX’s Heart Kaleidoscope glasses! They’re eye-catching, stylish, and add a whole other dimension to your experience… we could go on and on about these lovely accessories and all the reasons you should fall for them. More than this, however, your heart can grow 3 times in size with […]