How to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder and Color Therapy Glasses
In the United States alone, depression affects over 16.1 million people and accounts for over 6% of the population. Worldwide, that statistic shoots to over 268 million. Although Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) doesn’t have the word “depression” in it, it is a type of depression. While Color Therapy Glasses are not a cure for any […]
Do you even rave? With the world opening up, festival season is coming back in full force with a stellar return of EDC Last Vegas, Electric Forest, Coachella, and more. DJ & musicians are amped up and ready to connect with fans across the globe. Live music and festivals are back on the calendar for […]
LexinFlexin is one of the most creative flow artists we know, and it’s hard to overstate her value to the flow community. As a mentor and flow arts influencer in the community, she regularly creates top-tier content, sharing her skills and knowledge with new and seasoned artists. Here’s an inside scoop on the life of […]
Hey everyone! Welcome to another GloFX Ambassador Spotlight for the month of April! We’re psyched to feature this incredible flow artist, who many of you may already know, Flowmi! Here is a brief interview for an inside scoop on the flow artist that we all know and love. Tell us your name and where you’re […]
Biggest Best EDM Music Festivals 2021
The world has gone through an unprecedented pandemic which put life on pause and postponed most large gatherings for over a year. During that time, DJs & musicians showed us how music can keep us all connect even when we are forced to experience it separated from one another. While we enjoyed endless live streams, […]
Brand Ambassador Spotlight Blog Featured Image- March 2021 - Kidron Dedeaux
Hey everyone! Welcome to our very first GloFX Ambassador Spotlight! We’re so excited to introduce you all to this incredible flow artist, Kidron. This month, we are featuring Kidron Dedeaux. Here is a brief interview so that we can all get to know him, and the story behind Kidron. What is your name and where […]
So you’re wanting to start in light painting. That’s awesome! This activity can be anything you want it to be. Whether it’s just goofing off with friends in the garage or attempting to be the next Van Gogh of light painting art, everyone has to start somewhere! In this blog, we will cover all the […]
Top Rave Babes 2020
When you go to a rave, you’ll find all kinds of people roaming around! Festivals are a place of acceptance, and people feel free to express themselves in any way they desire. One of our favorite types of people are rave babes! Rave babes are generally females who radiate peace, love, unity, and respect, or […]