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What are LED Orbits?

An LED Orbit is the term coined for a series of LED diodes arranged in any type of circular pattern and affixed together. These LEDs are then strung with 2 strings, inversely tied, to create 4 individual strings that wind-up to create torque when spun. The user must maintain tension when spinning to propel the LEDs into “Orbit”. “Orbit” is achieved when the centrifugal force of the spinning LEDs is paired with tension and torsion to keep the orbit spinning magically.

What is LED Orbiting?

LED Orbiting is an interactive style of dance popular in the EDM Flow Arts community that focuses on a visual performance using a series of LEDs attached to strings. It is generally free-form and applies a variety of concepts that utilize geometric principles to make it more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye.  Orbiting is extremely popular at EDM festivals and nightclub events, and over the last decade has grown significantly around the globe, especially within rave culture.

The Anatomy of a GloFX Orbit

GloFX Series LED Orbits are some of the best quality and highest performance orbits on the market. Each orbit can be custom built or selected from our wide range of options including our basic, premier, and team series. From simple one-color ribbons to multi-color and effect strobes, GloFX offers a vast selections of rainbow colors and options. No matter what route you take, you will break the barrier in light shows and blow the minds of anyone watching.


Stainless Steel Finger Rings

All of our orbits come standard with stainless steel finger rings. These allow for the quickest orbit response time and the best control for tricks. They are double coated for optimal rust prevention and universal in size to be suitable for kids and adults. Prefer something else? Customize your own LED orbit with rubber finger rings or no rings at all!

Tough Nylon String

Fitted with 28 inches of 1mm dense Nylon string, we build for performance. Why do we choose Nylon over Satin? Our string allows you to spin faster, harder, and better than any other on the market. This allows for the best light tricks and light shows. Prefer Satin? We offer that too in multiple sizes and lengths in our full selection of customizable orbits.

Assembled and Ready to Use

All GloFX orbits are pre-assembled and entirely ready to use. Batteries are included, installed, so prepare for the light show of a lifetime right out of the box. All that’s needed is for the user to place the rings on each index finger and start rotating. Flip off the lights and start blowing minds with stunning and impressive glowing effects.

Super Bright High Intensity Lights

Shock resistant and ready for anything, our orbits are made to shine BRIGHT. Our lights are so bright you may need to diffract some of that light with diffraction glasses! We use 5mm high intensity LED bulbs, different than many other companies. We do not cut cost when it comes to the LED. This is the primary component of your product and necessary for high performance. Our lights can last over 50,000 hours with the simple changing of batteries. Each light will last from 4-20 hours of consistent light from one set of batteries, depending on the color and effect of your light.

GloFX LED Orbits are easy to use and high-quality devices. We aim to provide optimal light show effects for any party, music festival, or event. They are great for kids, teens, and adults alike. Each is manufactured in Florida, USA, and tested for quality before shipping out worldwide. Top it off with a pair of Diffraction Glasses and your LED Orbit performance will be unmatched!