GloFX is proud to announce our new partnership with the Challenger Space Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching children about the wonderful world of science. We’ve provided their team with our Ultimate Diffraction Glasses so that kids can learn about the nature of light by experiencing the process of light diffraction with their own eyes. This […]
It’s been an eventful year for EDM news and the EDM festival community. Whether it’s a DJ who has gone into retirement, or a festival that was mistaken for an earthquake it seems like there is always something to talk about within EDM culture. If you happened to miss hearing about these major EDM news events, we’ve got […]
This year, over 500 Florida-based companies were nominated to receive the prestigious “Florida Company to Watch Award”. Few companies were selected as winners, including GloFX. This award serves to honor businesses and entrepreneurs whose leadership and ambition has impacted the growth of Florida’s economy. The combined impact of the winners of this award equates to the creation of 1,200 new jobs, […]
Best Kaleidoscope Glasses
Since 2009, GloFX’s name has become synonymous with providing the best kaleidoscope glasses and party eye wear to ravers.  Less than a decade ago, diffraction and kaleidoscope glasses barely existed.  Now you can find these types of rave glasses in pop culture almost anywhere.  GloFX has helped pioneer the dimensional eyewear industry by engineering, designing, and manufacturing […]
Our staff has ranked the top 21 best accessories every EDM lover should ask for this holiday season.  While festival season slows down for the winter, it remains strong in the heart of every true EDM enthusiast. The holidays kick off in the USA around Halloween with amazing EDM events such as FreakNight Festival, Escape Psycho Circus, and Something […]
Flow Arts: A Journey of Self-Discovery Years ago, if you asked me what a flow art is, I would give you a very different answer than I would today. EDM festivals can be a very transformative experience. For some people, going to them is a way of life. It’s the closest thing to being in a dream, without having to be […]
Halloween is the end-all-be-all holiday for ravers and EDM fans.  On October 31st, everything associated with EDM and festival culture that could possibly be considered taboo is suddenly acceptable.  This makes EDM festivals and raves on Halloween some of the best events of the entire year.  The Rage has picked out what it considers the […]
EDM Festival Rave
Every summer there are EDM anthems that get played over and over again at the main stage of festivals.  These anthems drive tons of Spotify and radio plays, but the biggest EDM artists are constantly putting out new material.  These underground anthems are often the songs that end up being “filler” tracks in superstar DJ’s […]
EDM Festival Mainstage
Forbes has once again released their annual list of the world’s top-earning DJs. Some of the names on the list might surprise you, and other names are definitely to be expected.  Calvin Harris once again topped the list with an impressive $63 million in earnings.  Interestingly, Harris performs at EDM festivals the least out of […]
Lux Series LED Flow Props
Brighter.  Better.  Faster.  Stronger. Coming 8.08.16 Over 365 days in the making, the Lux series has been designed from the ground up to revolutionize your flow.  We dropped our industry-defining Space Saber product line just three months ago, and we will once again be unveiling an entirely new line of flow products on the 8th of August. […]
GloFX Selected As 2016 Finalist
In early 2016, GloFX was nominated as a candidate for the Grow Florida (GrowFL) Top Companies to watch award. Today, GloFX is proud to announce that they have made it to the final round of GrowFL’s “Florida’s Companies to Watch” competition!  GrowFL was created in 2009 by the Florida Legislature as an economic development program, […]
Attending a music festival can be the best experience of your life, but it can also put a lot of stress on your wallet. Deciding which EDM Music Festival you are going to attend, choosing which hotel you are going to stay in, or even picking what you are going to wear each day of the festival can […]