We all have our own reasons for attending festivals or edm events. Yours might be the musical guests, the atmosphere, the intense diffraction visuals or even the friendship. But for some, it seems to be the whole encompassing vibe of edm related festivals that attract them the most.  At your last EDM event you may […]
Introducing the world of Kaleidoscope Glasses. Kaleidoscope glasses feature real crystal glass lenses that explode your vision into a vortex of prismatic colors. Each pair is manufactured with superior craftsmanship in Tallahassee, Florida, USA. You will not find any better style, quality, or effect anywhere else. Having recently released new and exclusive models, GloFX leads […]
“Through my artwork I aim to offer the viewer a new way of seeing the world, to describe life as magical, and rich with wonder, mystery and possibility.”  -Larry Carlson I first came across Larry Carlson’s artwork on Pinterest and immediately fell in love. Each of his unique images gives you a mystical feeling that […]
In mid July the GloFX Team packed up our Diffraction Glasses, LED Gloves, and newly launched products and hit the road. With our exclusive products in tow, we were headed for the Fabulous city of none other than Las Vegas, Nevada for the 3rd Annual EDMBiz Conference and Expo. The EDMBiz Conference and Expo was […]
After an eventful week at EDMBiz and EDC Las Vegas, the GloFX crew headed to The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington for Paradiso Music Festival. We were really excited to attend the biggest Dance Music Festival in the Pacific Northwest, the place where digital meets nature. The venue is said to be one of the world’s […]
Summer Music Festivals are here, and we all want that hot summer and festi bod! Are you ready to rough it out for a few days while feeling and looking great? It’s not an easy task. Festivals (especially in the summertime) require a lot from our bodies and most of us feel totally drained when […]
Colon Cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States, and affects over 100,000 people a year. Last year one of our partners, Robin LeeAnne, Owner of Francesca’s Fancy Flops lost her grandmother to this awful sickness. In honor of Robin’s grandmother she recently hosted a fundraiser for Colon Cancer. GloFX was happy […]
Bonnaroo is right around the corner, and yet it still can’t come soon enough! I am beyond ecstatic to be back on the farm and completely carefree for a few days. The only downside to Roo is the heat. Clothes You are going to want the least amount of clothes on as possible. I did […]
1. Carpool Plan ahead and carpool with some friends or post in your local EDM Facebook group and see if anyone else near you is going to the festival as well. Did you know 75% of carbon monoxide pollution in U.S. is caused by motor vehicles? Carpooling will save you money and reduce the amount […]