Bonnaroo Outfit Ideas


Each year, in June, thousands flock to the evergreen town of Manchester, Tennessee to attend one of the most famous events in the country. The festival that jump-started the millennial obsession with live music, community and art celebration is the one and only Bonnaroo Festival.

The aesthetic of this existential event is low-key utility, with artistic patterns of sacred geometry. You’ll find some of the most authentic people you will ever meet while grooving at Bonnaroo. It will change your experience of people, forever.

Therefore, you will need to really out-do yourself in the way of planning your outfits.

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In 2017 Bonnaroo had an attendance of 65,000+ during the three-day music and arts festival. The vibe of Bonnaroo harkens back to the idealism of Woodstock. The festival all of us remember but none of us went to. Certainly, though, we have heard our parents, or even grandparents, speak of the insurmountable fun and wild experiences had at Woodstock. The Bonnaroo producers have always been at the helm of recreating this yearning for festivals of yesteryear so the style choices made by the attendees do not fall short of recreating these sentiments.

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When attending Bonnaroo, you will most likely want to keep it sweet and simple. Vintage and tie-dyed t-shirts are a staple to have during this monumental music festival. Keds, Vans, Chucks, and Reefs are your go-to footwear for style and comfort. One thing to keep in mind is the beautiful mix of artists you will find at Bonnaroo. Therefore, be prepared for all kinds of genres to impact your style. When attending a show by the Shins at That stage you’ll most likely rock your Shins tee that you got after their debut album, and a pair of wayfarer sunglasses to block out the Tennessee summer rays. When hitting up This stage for a Deadmau5 show, having some Dimensional Eyewear will definitely enhance your experience, while also making a statement about your time at Bonnaroo. Comfortable and practical is the way to go when attending this eccentric summer festival.

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Since the shows vary from genre to genre, there are a large number of factors in what you need to bring depending on what and who you’re going for. However, comfort and style should never compete with your music festival outfits. The ability to combine comfort and style to your Bonnaroo outfits is part of what makes the festival great. If you want to jump around in a huge panda suit, you can do that. If you prefer to rock Beatles tee’s, that’s accepted. Jumping around in harem pants, that’s expected. 

All in all, Bonnaroo Music and Art Festival is about freedom of expression. Freedom to wear what you want to wear, be who you want to be, and do what you want to do. So, in reality, wear whatever you want. If you are unequivocally yourself, you will fit right in.

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