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What Are Rave Glasses?

The most popular choices of Rave Glasses include lenses with dimensional optics that bend, refract, or diffract light. These types of eyewear are common amongst ravers due to their ability to enhance the visual aspect of the event. Rave glasses include diffraction glasses, kaleidoscope glasses, light up glasses, goggles, and other types of eyewear. Some choose to wear them as a fashion statement, and some to enhance light shows at their favorite EDM Festival. At GloFX, we aim for the best of both worlds: glasses that are both stylish AND enhance your visual experience. Glasses are the perfect accompaniment to any rave and are sure to make your experience an epic one!

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What Are Rave Glasses Used For?GloFX Kaleidoscope Rave Glasses

You’d be surprised how many applications rave glasses have. From parties and EDM festivals, to science and holiday-fun, rave glasses turn any light source into a party! Rave glasses are awesome for:

  • LED Gloving, Poi, and other light shows
  • Festivals, concerts, clubs, and shows
  • Fireworks, Christmas, and other holiday lights
  • Science Class and Learning the study of light waves
  • Projection mapping and 3d screens
  • Lasers
  • And of course, raves!

What’s The Difference Between All The Different Kinds?

Rave glasses come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve taken our catalog of over 500 styles and broken them down into several key categories to help you find the perfect pair for you.

Diffraction Glasses: Turn light into rainbows. Each beam of light is split into its individual spectrum of colors turning white light into a full rainbow spectrum. This is the main principle behind what gives diffraction glasses their awesome visual sensation. Diffraction Glasses range from 3 to 7 out of 10 in terms of intensity.

Kaleidoscope Glasses: Create a bug eye or repetition effect. Kaleidoscope Glasses refract light and split your view into many sections. This type of eyewear is nearly the most intense type of rave glasses you can purchase. Kaleidoscope Glasses range from a 5 to 9 out of 10 in terms of intensity.

Diffraction Goggles: With the same light bending features as our glasses, Diffraction Goggles take it even further with a fully immersive experience. By completely covering your eyes and filtering every bit of light through the lens, Diffraction Goggles range from 5 to 8 out of 10 in terms of intensity.

Kaleidoscope Goggles: Our most intense lens effect combined with our most immersive type of eyewear results in a truly incredible experience. Kaleidoscope Goggles take the light around you and bend and twist it in countless different ways. These are on the high end of the intensity scale, ranging from 7 or 8 to 10.

Light Up Luminescence: Luminescence glasses are a great way to become part of the light show at a Rave! With light up El Wire lining the frames, these glasses not only add to your personal experience, they also enhance the rave for your fellow attendees. Luminescence glasses come either with or without diffraction lenses, so they range from 0 to 7 in terms of visual intensity.


Comparison Chart - Eyewear Overview

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GloFX Glasses Lifetime Limited Warranty

We are proud to offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty on all GloFX Glasses with the small exception of our Luminescence, Paper, Kaleidoscope Series, and Goggles.

At GloFX, we have spent years building and developing a reputation for quality. We stand behind our products’ workmanship and quality. If you experience a manufacturer’s defect in materials, GloFX will warrant your glasses for the lifetime of your product. We also guarantee that you will have a pleasant shopping experience and back all products with our GloFX 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Why GloFX Glasses?

Now that you are an expert on Rave Glasses, it should be more than clear why GloFX is the best option. But if it’s not, keep reading. There are many companies that sell rave glasses, but at GloFX we take pride in our passion for diffraction and LED eyewear. Since 2009, our team has engineered and developed dimensional eyewear for entertainment purposes along with hundreds of other LED & Glow products, GloFX has led the industry since it’s start, first introducing a pair of hard frame laser etched diffraction glasses in 2009. Every year since, more and more frames and lenses been released from GloFX. Since 2012, GloFX has been in high gear releasing multiple new models every month. Now offering the largest selection of diffraction frames and lenses available on the market, it should be obvious GloFX has the edge. Quality and craftsmanship are prime components of GloFX Glasses, along with renowned effects and styles you cannot find anywhere else. On top of that, we also offer an industry leading Lifetime Limited Warranty also backed with our GloFX 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It’s doesn’t stop there, GloFX ships all orders within 24 hours, offers remarkable customer service, and holds the largest inventory to ensure your choice product is in stock.

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