Style Trends for the EDM Festival Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: festival season! No matter which event you’re attending, it’s your chance to fully express your festival style and there is no holding back. EDM fashion is continually changing, and while you might have your festival outfits ready, here’s a list of killer trends you can incorporate to make your look stand out in the crowd.

Glitter – And a Lot of It

Can’t stop, won’t stop! What was once a fun and “a little something extra” has now been taken to the next level of festival fashion. Both girls and guys have been stepping up their body glitter game this year. As an added bonus, biodegradable glitter is now available, so you can be green and look just as incredible.

Glitter faces, glitter hair, and entire “tops” made strictly of glitter. Those who are more skilled with makeup artistry have painted beautiful, jazzy auras on themselves, and even creating ombre effects. Imagine how magical you look dancing under all of those stage lights. EDM festivals are the place for you to shine, and the sparkly takeover helps you do just that.

Large Face and Body Gems

Maybe you want to sparkle, but glitter is a little too messy for you. Similar to glitter’s takeover, face and body gems were once a  small addition to someone’s look, placed here and there or around the eyes.

Recently, however, gems are now the centerpiece of outfits, becoming entire works of art that you can wear.

Both guys and girls rock these jewel patterns that fan across their faces, chests, and backs, and can even double as pasties. You can buy them in big sheets to stick on in a custom pattern or one-by-one, or they come arranged in intricate, dazzling designs for you.

These gems make you look like royalty, and they stay on for hours. Even while you’re getting in your cardio by dancing into the night, these majestic stones will hold in place and keep you looking fabulous.

Temporary Hair Dye

For those going for an exotic look, or those who want to go the extra mile to coordinate their outfit head-to-toe, there’s temporary hair dye and hair chalk. Both of these options allow you to paint your hair with color that you could only dream of having, and you can avoid the “it’s not a phase” excuse too.

EDM festival-goers love their unicorn and mermaid vibes, and temporary hair colors have a wide variety of fun color choices to match your feelings. Whether you want to change your whole head with a dye, or just add some fun highlights with chalk, these non-permanent options allow you to go full-throttle or do just enough to make things interesting.

A primary advantage is that these temporary colors come out in 1-2 washes, allowing you to go back to normal or switch it up for the next day of your festival!

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Kandi (And Beyond!)

In the EDM community, the principles of PLUR- Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect- are at its very core. Nothing demonstrates and symbolizes those values as much as trading kandi.

While the most common and simple form is the colorful bracket with a positive, reaffirming phrase or word, kandi has recently grown and expanded to some incredible pieces. Master makers have grated giant perlers, arm cuffs, face masks, and even shirts all by hand to trade with new friends or to rock with their own rave outfits. Pieces can often have attachments on them as well, including pacifiers, small toys, and even mini perlers.

These beautiful creations are complex, but look awesome and are fun to trade. All you need to get started is some colorful beads and some stretchy cord, and you’re on your way to spreading positivity, love, unity, and respect! To learn how to make your own outrageous kandi pieces, you can learn from some of the best out there.

Holographic Everything

Oooh… pretty. Holographic material appears as a single, shiny color, and then reveals an entire spectrum of color when put under light. This appearance is similar to that of a diamond- who wouldn’t want to look like that?

Holographic clothing is most common and has become increasingly popular, but it does not stop there. You can now rock holographic makeup, nails, and hair- perfect for your outer space or mermaid festival outfits. Because there’s a whole wave of the rainbow in there, the rest of your outfit can feature whichever color your heart desires, and it will match.

Shine brighter and show all your colors!


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Colored Lens Glasses

In 2017, clear and yellow lenses were a hit at festivals. These rave accessories are both stylish and offer a filter of your environment. So why stop there?

Color therapy glasses come in a wide variety of colors, one for every mood and festival outfit color scheme. Plus, color therapy glasses also offer benefits for the mind and body, such as magenta for internal relaxation, or aqua for purity.

While this type of therapy has been around for years, this festival season is the time to grab a pair and bring your best self to each and every festival. Each color serves a specific purpose, so discover one is right for your and rock it in style.

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Who doesn’t love a classic vintage look? When it comes to music festivals, rocking something that resonates with the summer of love is fool-proof. After all, it was the OG movement for peace and love. Fast-forward to 2018, and those values jive with EDM PLUR principles. Radiate those vibes with some tie-dye apparel!

You can find countless crop tops, booty shorts, bags and anything you can think of with this groovy style on it from many online stores. If you’re feeling crafty and want to channel your inner child, create your own tie-dye scheme. Choose a plain, white anything you desire at your local craft store and wear your own work of art.

Complete your look with an always-popular pair of funky, vintage sunglasses. Whether you prefer aviator-style frames from the 1950s and 1970s, or round, wire-frame glasses from the 1960s, this snazzy accessory completes your entire vintage outfit or adds a twist to your futuristic demeanor.

Be ready to toss up some peace signs at every opportunity you have!


GloFX Imagine Kaleidoscope Glasses

Keep in mind that festival season gives you the chance to express yourself. While this list of ideas is A-1 and fun, the most stylish festival outfit is the one that you love and feel best in.

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