Halloween EDM Festivals: Create the Perfect Costume

Halloween EDM Festival

Along with ghouls, Halloween EDM Festivals are going “bump” in the night! Now we all know Halloween is a special time for children to play dress up and prowl the neighborhood for the sweetest treats. Trunk-or-treating fills every parking lot, and adults get to wear some angel wings and get drunk in their friends’ basements. However, in the rave world, Halloween is a fantastic time for extreme dress-up. Witches, wizards, goblins, ghouls, nerds, and fairies flock from all edges of the earth to rave in the perfect costume. Halloween EDM festivals provide the perfect opportunity to get crafty and creative!

Go all out this year on your costume! Be who you’ve always wanted to be, and don’t hold back. In this article, discover five excellent outfits, complete with dazzling rave accessories, to inspire you. Check them out, and begin your outfit planning today! Plan early, and know you deserve it!

Festival Fire Goddess 🔥👑

I only roll with goddesses! Unleash your inner goddess at a Halloween EDM Festival with a cut brown shirt and glued pieces of red fabric at the steams. Unleash your inner divine, Halloween Ravers! Accessorize with bold and golden jewelry with powerful smokey eyes. 

Halloween EDM Festivals Fire Goddess

Model: @Angeliqueyyy

Don’t forget, every goddess needs her trusty Space Whip! Customize your whip settings to shades of red to ignite your flames!

SteamPunk Zombie 🧟‍♂️

Going a little mad? Take a walk to the scary side at Halloween EDM Festivals with a Steam Punk/Zombie-inspired costume. Become one with the undead by applying white makeup and a deathly smokey eye. Try out a ripped shirt and choker to complement the look. 

Halloween EDM Festivals SteamPunk Zombie

Model: @Kaleidorabbit

 Get ready to scare with our Party Animal Diffraction Goggles and let out your wild side! 

Space Pirate / Wizard 🧙‍♂️

Enchant everyone with this magical look at Halloween EDM Festivals! Start with layering a bright overcoat over dark robes. Don’t forget the signature pirate hat! You won’t be running into any copycats at the next party, either!

Halloween EDM Festivals Space Wizard

Model: @pocketsthewizard

Warning: Entering Treasure Planet. Ye be entering pirate territory. Put a spell on your pirate crew with our Pixel Pro LED Glasses and Gel Gloves!

Todoroki from My Hero Academia 🏫

Master your Quirk with Todoroki’s signature red and white hair! Put on a blue contact in your right eye and create a burn scar over your left eye with eyeshadow or Rigid Collodion from Mehron. At your next Halloween EDM Festival. 

Get hot and cold with our Space Whip. Change the color settings to shades of blue or red for Todoroki’s Half Cold-Half Hot abilities. 

Check out @ricepoison’s Outfit below!

Faun from Pan’s Labyrinth

Something wicked this way comes! Enter the realm of Pan’s Labyrinth with this magical Faun costume. Attach prosthetic horns and elf ears and add a crystal crown to make the costume come alive. Next, add any creepy details to the makeup like crystals or haunting eye shadow.

Halloween Festival Faun Pan's Labyrinth Kaleidoscope Glasses

Model: @Firepixieicky

This is where the magic happens! Wear our Kaleidoscope Glasses to bewitch everyone you come across, and enter a portal to the Faywild!

Halloween EDM Festivals Await!

No matter what your inspiration may be, there’s always room to spice up a rave with a spooky little twist. Embrace the weird, and be yourself! Have fun with it! We hope you enjoyed these Halloween EDM festival costumes! Whether you are attending a Halloween festival, a concert, or a party, you are bound to look fantastic and have a great time! And remember, Halloween is the craziest night of the year, so make sure you are safe however you’re celebrating! Stay spooky, friends. 👻 We’d love to see what looks you come up with. Tag us on Instagram and TikTok @glofx and #glofx. 

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