Halloween EDM Festivals: Create the Perfect Costume

Halloween EDM Festival

In the “real world,” Halloween is a time for kids to dress up and ask for candy. In the EDM world, Halloween is a time for witches and wizards to dress extravagantly to rave, whether you choose to be ~scary~ or not! Halloween EDM Festivals provide us with the perfect opportunity to get crafty and creative.

This fall, we have been blessed with the most impressive Halloween festival lineups we’ve seen in years. It’s only right to make sure your own lineup of costumes is the best you’ve ever had. GloFX has a boundless selection of rave accessories that will keep you illuminated in the dead of night!

We created five dazzling festival costume ideas for you this Halloween, complete with the perfect GloFX product! Check them out and begin your outfit planning:

#1 Electro-Circus Ringleader


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Come one, come all for this fabulous costume idea! This Halloween look will have you ready to take on the night. The key elements of a ringleader outfit are a red blazer, shiny black bottoms, and flashy gold accessories.

Most importantly, a ringleader always has their whip ready! GloFX offers a variety of fiber-optic Space Whips that will complete your outfit and also provide entertainment. Encapsulate the crowd with these light tracers! Our whips are programmable, so you can even pick your own color scheme. 

** Bonus points if a friend dresses as a lion, tiger, or bear! Make sure no party animals are harmed in the making of this costume.

#2 Witchy Goth Burner 


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This edgy costume idea is perfect for Halloween EDM festivals, and it is relatively easy to pull off. Bring out your darkest fantasies by rocking black or dark metallic fabrics, black chunky platforms or combat boots, and a pair of GloFX Black Spike Goggles. The goggles really emphasize the steampunk, Burner vibe. Gothic accessories, dark makeup, and bold lipstick will complete the look. Most of us bad witches already own a ton of black clothing, so just make sure to plan for the weather at your festival or event.

This is also a costume that you can adjust the spook factor of. Adding a pair of creepy white contact lenses, fangs or fake blood will really take it to the next level. Once you slip on a pair of diffraction goggles, you’ll be seeing Halloween from a whole new perspective. 

#3 Digital Age Space Babe 


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The aesthetic of this festival costume idea is completely unique to the 21st century. Step into the matrix on Halloween night with rich silver & metallics, accents of neon, cyber-statement shoes, and a pair of GloFX futuristic Pixel Pro Glasses. The Pixel Pro’s have custom color settings, so you can match your glasses around the accent colors in your outfit. These will really tie the digital aesthetic together.

Whether you choose to become a cyborg, robot, or some sort of intelligent life form from another dimension, you’ll surely be able to locate the good music. Check out costumes from this year’s Burning Man for inspiration, as the theme was “I, Robot”.

#4 Free Love Flower Child 


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This Halloween look will take you back to the 60’s, a very groovy time in history. And what better place to groove than an EDM festival? Incorporate your favorite bold and bright colors with tie dye or psychedelic designs, and don’t forget that you can and should mix prints!

Add a long flowy kimono or lace duster for extra free-spirited layers. This is also a great time to bust out a pair of bell bottom pants or a flowy skirt. Fringe, leather, and feathers are extremely welcome to this costume party.

To truly time warp, grab a pair of Imagine Glasses for a dreamy view of the night. The rainbow Kaleidoscope lenses are comfortable and lightweight, so they will stay on as late as you stay up this Halloween. Let your gypsy spirit run free in the night at your upcoming Halloween festie.

#5 Tribal Riddim Jungle Warrior 


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Channel the spirit of a jungle warrior at your upcoming Halloween EDM festival. Move through the night with stealth and speed in animal prints, shredded fabric, and bright tribal makeup designs. Take your makeup game to the next level by painting designs all the way down your arms, chest, and even stomach if it’s warm enough! Accessorize with a jingle-y belly dancing belt, fringe boots, or even an elaborate headpiece.

Every great warrior always carries their “weapon” with confidence, and in this case, you can have a flow toy that will conquer the crowd. GloFX Space Sabers have plenty of different size options, as well as lifetime warranties. This is the perfect occasion to try out a new flow art, and look the part!


We hope you enjoyed these Halloween EDM festival costumes! Whether you are attending a Halloween festival, a concert, or a party, you are bound to look amazing and have a great time! Halloween is the craziest night of the year, so make sure you are being safe however you are celebrating the holiday! Stay Spooky 👻

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