Halloween EDM Festivals: Create the Perfect Costume

Halloween EDM Festival

Halloween is a beloved time for children to play dress up and prowl the neighborhood for the sweetest treats. Trunk-or-treating fills every parking lot and adults get to wear some angel wings and get drunk in their friends’ basements. However, in the rave world, Halloween is a special time for extreme dress up. Witches, wizards, goblins, ghouls, nerds, and fairies flock from all edges of the earth to rave in the perfect costume. Halloween EDM festivals provide the perfect opportunity to get crafty and creative!

Go all out this year on your costume! Plan early, and know you deserve it! Be who you’ve always wanted to be, and don’t hold back. In this article discover 10 awesome outfits, complete with dazzling rave accessories, to give you inspiration. Check them out, and begin your outfit planning today!

1. Pilot

As a kid, did you ever want to soar through the air? See what it was like inside a fluffy, white cloud? Take a peek at what was inside the cockpit on long, vacation flights? A rave Halloween is the time to let your inner kid fly free! Dress up as pilot or a flight attendant this year. And remember, dress for the weather! If your festival will be cold, consider a jumpsuit or overalls like the outfit pictured below.

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If the weather is going to be hot, consider a short shirt and high socks. And to finish the look off with an EDM flare, pair your costume with Over & Out Diffraction Goggles! You never know when you’ll need to stop what you’re doing and hop in your fighter jet!

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2. Trippy Hippie

Hippie by day and raver by night? Combine your two sides to make a rave look that is completely you! Try flower-filled bralettes, giant braids, headbands, and lots of Kandi! Spread PLUR energy everywhere you go. The good vibes won’t leave your side, and you’ll be getting compliments all night!

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And of course, your hippie outfit wouldn’t be complete without round glasses! Check out our Imagine Kaleidoscope Glasses or Imagine Diffraction Glasses for the perfect look.

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3. Lion Tamer

Step right up to the rave circus where elephants, horses, and lions put on the greatest show! Keep your lovely lions in order with this lion tamer costume! Make your bralette shine with rings of gold, and pair your bowtie with the perfect top hat! (Bonus points if you do bestie costumes, and your friend is a lion!)

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And with every lion tamer, there always is a whip! Throw some flow into your outfit by adding a Space Whip Remix to your taming tool kit, and stand tall with a mighty ROAR!

But remember, we are in the land of play pretend, and no person or animal actually needs taming! Festival-goers will not appreciate your outfit if you are purposely whipping them!

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4. Unicorn

Tap into your mystic side and dress like the unicorn you always wanted to own as a kid! Make believe or not, these beings are kind, pure, and beautiful! Turn that energy toward your costume, and radiate kindness all night. Buy a horn online, or make one yourself! Tin foil is a popular molding material.

Make your look more angelic by wearing all white with dainty accents, like in the picture below.

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And what is a unicorn without a tail? Use a Space Whip Remix Sparkle to make your outfit complete. This Space Whip is just like the regular Space Whip Remix, but it has notches in the fibers where light can escape. This creates a glittering, sparkling effect!

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Model Above: @__starshine_

5. Cupid

Who says you can’t combine holidays? Take the best of the both worlds and dress as the mischievous Cupid! Stick ravers with love arrows and watch their Halloween unfold in ways they would never have expected! Pair your outfit with wings and a toy bow and arrow kit. (You could never get real bow and arrows into a festival!) If you’re feeling adventurous, add heart or red rose nipple pasties!

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Enjoy your favorite artists’ shows with Heart Shaped Kaleidoscope Glasses that will match your costume! You never have to sacrifice your experience for the look! You can have both.

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6. Bitting Bug

Who said bugs have to be gross? Dress up as a bug this Halloween festival season! Stick out in a crowd in the best way with a costume that isn’t the norm. Be any kind of bug you want to be! Lady bug, bumblebee, praying mantis, even a spider (though that’s technically not a bug)! There are so many liberties to take with this costume. You can make it cute, sexy, or scary. Just remember, if you commit to the costume, there’s no doubt that it will turn heads!

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Complete the illusion by adding some Bug-Eye Goggles!

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7. Digital Age Space Babe  

Blast off into a futuristic, alien world with this fancy, festival costume! Step through a portal to another dimension with rich silver and metallic colors, accents of neon, and cyber-statement shoes. Whether you choose to become a cyborg, robot, or alien for the night, you are sure to find good music wherever you go.

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Add a slick visor to your outfit to make the look feel complete. Go with a regular sunglasses lens, or upgrade to diffraction. See light bend before your eyes, and wonder if you really are in the future!

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Or light up the night with a pair of LED Pixel Pro Glasses or Goggles! With programmable lights and patterns, customize your costume to the max!

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8. Scary Clown

Creepy clowns have taken the costume world by storm. With Stephen King’s IT on the brain, clowns have never been a more sought out costume with adults. (Except maybe during the clown sighting epidemic of 2016!) Regardless, clown have always put a chill down the spine.

Bring that chilling feeling to your Halloween rave!

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Not feeling a big, red nose? Try using face paint like the picture above! That way you won’t ever have to worry about it falling off.

Add a festival twist by using glowing juggling balls! Carry them lit up in a clear bag, tie them around your waist, or if you know how to juggle, show off your skills! If the ravers around you have ever tried to juggle, they will know how much work and skill it takes! Festivals are the perfect time to show off your flow.

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9. Victorian-Era Steampunk

Step into a whole new world mixed with Mortal Engines, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and the Bio Shock series. Steampunk is a niche interest, but its fans’ costumes and cosplays never cease to amaze! Use a base of whites, blacks, and browns, accessorize with an old-timey flare, and add some awesome, wacky tech! Explore cyborgs, friendly robots, and steam-powered machinery, and let Halloween take on a whole new meaning! Escape the mundane of reality for the night!

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Every good steampunk outfit needs a pair of Steampunk Goggles! See which style will fit your costume best by clicking the button below.

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10. The Nerd

Geek alert! We spy braces, glasses with tape, and suspenders! Instead of being the shy, stand-behind-the-crowd person at the festival, channel your inner confidence through some knee-high socks and sneakers.

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Make your rave the best it can be with light-bending nerd glasses! You’ll never want to do homework again when you’re having this much fun!

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We hope you enjoyed these Halloween EDM festival costumes! Whether you are attending a Halloween festival, a concert, or a party, you are bound to look amazing and have a great time! And remember, Halloween is the craziest night of the year, so make sure you are being safe however you’re celebrating! Stay spooky, friends. 👻

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