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GloFX Reusable Face Masks come in an assortment of designs and are an essential accessory for any special event or regular day-to-day outing. These lightweight, unisex face shields come complete with a breathable PM 2.5 filter and are reusable, machine washable, and work as an excellent way to block off dirt, dust, and debris. Our designs were hand-picked by our creative design team to make sure that we have a style to fit every person looking to add style to their dust mask collection. Not only are our masks essential for your next rave, party, or festival, they are also great to wear at the grocery store or during large events. Use these mouth masks for any type of outdoor activity, such as fishing, hiking, running, exercising, construction work, dust protection, yard work, winter sports, painting, house cleaning, and more. These mouth covers were made for daily long term wear with breathable fabric. The elastic straps will fit comfortably around your ears. Each GloFX Face Cloth Mask reusable face masks provide full coverage to anyone needing to stay protected. These mouth covers are great for men and women looking for a washable, stylish mask for everyday activities and larger events.