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What Are Kaleidoscope Goggles?

The concept of Kaleidoscope Goggles is relatively new compared to other types of goggle eyewear. It takes all of the qualities people love about goggles and adds additional features on top of that. From the user’s perspective, the world around the wearer is symmetrically shattered into fragments of what we consider to be reality. What results is a kaleidoscopic effect in one’s vision that occurs when viewing an object in the environment through the crystal lenses.

What Makes Kaleidoscope Goggles So Unique?

Kaleidoscope Goggles offer the wearer a much more personalized look. They feature a multitude of colors and other physical features that make them great for just about any occasion. They also have the unique ability to change how the environment appears to us when we look through them. By introducing new ways of perceiving reality, we become aware of the visually pleasing patterns that can be found everywhere we look but are hidden from plain view.

How do Kaleidoscope Goggles Work?

Kaleidoscope Goggles feature lenses composed of refractive material that bends the light in our environment just before entering our eyes. When the light refracts, the object that is reflecting or emitting the light will take on a different form. If you are focusing on a specific spot in your environment, the lenses will reproduce that image and project duplicates into a series of geometric patterns. The visual effect is attributed to the cutting method used to taper the crystal lenses. Tapering different points on the crystal will influence what one sees when looking through the lenses.

Why Choose GloFX Goggles?

GloFX is the leading manufacturer of rave eyewear and is constantly pushing the boundaries of what consumers can expect from their goggles and glasses. We have a wide assortment of styles and lenses to choose from and we have stringent quality controls measures built into our manufacturing process. In fact, each one of our goggles are produced in our Tallahassee FL headquarters and personally inspected by one of our all-star team members!

Interested in Selling GloFX Goggles?

GloFX is a manufacturer and offers bulk and wholesale pricing. Contact us at Wholesale@GloFX.com for a catalog or more information on wholesale Kaleidoscope Goggles.

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