What Is a Levitation Wand, & How Do You Use It?: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

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GloFX is proud to present the Hypno Levitation Wand to flow enthusiasts all around the world! Although we are ecstatic to introduce this new product, we also know that comes with some questions. What is a levi wand? What does it do?

In this article, we will explore what an LED levitation wand really is and then discuss just how to use one!

What Is a Levitation Wand?

In the most basic sense, a levitation wand is a prop used in dancing or “flowing”. It is a piece of tubing with a string threaded through the center. Though not necessary, most wands have LEDs inside the tubing to create a glowing effect, perfect for nighttime or to dazzle crowds. When spun, the wand has an illusionary effect and appears to be floating.

Much like ribbon dancing and baton twirling, a wand is meant to be an extension of the body. And unlike cheerleading where dancers follow a strict, rigid structure, wanding is for going with the flow. You are not the user and the prop. You and the wand are partners, and you go where the other takes you!

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How to Set Up Your Wand

The GloFX Hypno Levitation Wand comes pre-assembled, strung, balanced, and ready to use. However, over time you may want to make some adjustments so the wand is balanced perfectly to your tastes. If or when this time comes, we’ve got you covered! This section discusses how to make the alterations.

Balance With Washers

Washers are small, metal disks used to make the ends of a levitation wand heavier. This changes the balance of the wand and is up to the wander’s preferences as to where and how many washers they add to the wand. Some like a heavier feel, others like to put washers in only the bottom of the wand for more stability. Try different variations to see which is your favorite!

The Hypno Levitation Wand includes three washers for your convenience. To attach these additions, simply take off the wand’s end caps, place the washers in the caps, and reassemble. This makes experimenting with different weights super easy. 

Hypno Levitation Wand

Stringing Your Wand

The Hypno Levitation Wand comes out of the package pre-strung, so you won’t need to think about stringing immediately. However, a day may come when you want to try long-string wanding. In this case and many more, you will need to know how to string a wand properly! To do so, follow these simple, 5-step instructions. 

  1. Cut the length of string that you are going to use. Remember, once tied, the string will be folded in half, shortening the length.
  2. Using a basic sewing needle, thread the string through the needle.
  3. Take the threaded needle and stick it through one of the three (3) small holes in the center of the wand. Which hole you pick is your preference! Test out all of them to see which balance you like best.
  4. Making sure that the string length is even on both sides of the wand, and tie the two (2) ends to the silver loop located on the handle.
  5. Start flowing!

How to Use Your Wand

If you are a first-time flower, it can seem tricky to get the hang of the movements involved with a levi wand. However, once you learn how to hold your wand and get it started, the rest is just practice!

How to Hold a Wand

The first step of learning how to do awesome, intricate levitation wand tricks is to hold the wand correctly! 

First, take the cloth loop handle. Slide the loop on the middle finger of your dominant hand. The loop should rest at the very base of your finger closes to your knuckle. Placing the loop here allows you more control over your wand. Take the adjustable ring located on the cloth loop handle and slide it up toward your finger. The loop should now fit snuggly. This is to assure that you won’t drop your wand.

When not using your wand, simply wrap the string around the wand tubing. When you are down to the loop handle, tuck the handle under one of the strings to avoid the string unraveling. 

How to Perform Your First Wand Trick

Once you know how to hold your wand, you’ll need to learn how to do the most basic wand move: floating. Floating your wand is the motion of sending your wand (oriented vertically) in small circles in front of your body. To do this, start the following:

With the handle looped on your middle finger, hold the wand out vertically with the other hand. In most basic tricks, the wand is going to stay vertical the hold time. If you start swinging your wand when it isn’t vertical, it’s going to be extremely difficult to orient it the correct way while the wand is moving.

Once you let go and set your wand in motion, start horizontally circling the hand holding the wand. The string should be going around the top of the wand. This is how you are going to pick up momentum.  

Now’s the time to add your “magic” hand! Using the hand that is not holding your wand, follow the wand while waving your hand. The key is to make it appear as if this hand is controlling the wand, like you are pushing and pulling it in different directions!

And just like that, you’re floating your wand! This move is a great starting point to move on to more advanced tricks, so it is essential in wand flow.

Hypno Levitation Wand

Final Thoughts

Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t catch on right away. No one gets great at something without dedicating time and work, so if this flow art is something that interests you, don’t give up! And if you’re in the market to buy a wand, check out our new Hypno Levitation Wand! Best of luck, and happy flowing! 💫

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