GloFX Makes Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies

GloFX Makes Inc 5000 List

Each year, Inc. Magazine publishes the Inc. 5000 list, which features the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America. Over the years, this prestigious list has included companies such as Zappos, Dell, & Chobani. The list is comprised of companies from many unique industries, from technology and A.I. to medical research and even the infamous Pop Sockets phone accessories. Despite the vast differences of industry, all of the companies on the Inc. 5000 list have one thing in common: they are leaders and pioneers of innovation. 

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Congressman Lawson and Florida Makes CEO Kevin Carr watching the GloFX team at work.

Since 2009, GloFX has pioneered and now dominates the global market for Diffraction Glasses, Kaleidoscope Glasses, and Dimensional Eyewear. Additionally, GloFX produces LED & Glow Products for the LED flow arts community. We are constantly striving to deliver new and unique products into the hands of those who want the hottest EDM-related gear available. 

GloFX thrives on creativity, innovation, passion, and fantastic employees. We continue to exceed and grow because every employee has a love for the company and industry and desire to help in the success of the business. 

Innovation is Key at GloFX

Our mission is to enhance the ways in which people interact with light through innovative products that outperform customer expectations. In our advancing industry, we stay ahead of the competition with innovative products, ideas, and services.

Since conception, the GloFX team has launched hundreds of new products ranging from instantly-successful Diffraction Glasses and Pixel Pro Eyewear to the Ion Orbit and first ever Fiber Optic Whip with Shielded Fibers. GloFX Ion Orbits

While GloFX’s main audience has been the fans of EDM shows and music festivals, our exponential growth can also be attributed to the innovative ways our products are used throughout many industries. Science teachers help students understand the light spectrum through Diffraction Glasses instead of textbooks. Color Therapy Glasses provide mood enhancements to patients at wellness centers as well as essential resources for art exhibits.

GloFX’s continued growth is exemplified in the following facts:

  • Launched over 500 products since 2012
  • Grown sales revenue by over 2,500% since 2012, and 289% since 2014
  • Expanded product fulfillment to over 100 countries
  • Estimated to ship over 3 million individual units in 2018
  • Made hundreds of thousands of customers happy

GloFX Builders

Placing on the Inc. 5000 list is a great achievement for GloFX, and it is further motivation to continue to innovate and deliver products that illuminate the world. We are grateful to have been recognized, and even more excited for what the future holds! One thing is for certain; our loyal customers, partners, and fans have made this possible. Thank YOU, for your love and support over the years. Cheers to the future!

Inc 5000 GloFX


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