What Type Of Raver Is Your Favorite Wrestling Superstar?


As I was (begrudgingly) watching wrestling with my boyfriend, I noticed something fascinating. Almost all of the wrestling superstars could double as a specific raver stereotype. Obviously, this peaked my interest. I sat up and began to admire the detail and design that went into their costumes, as well as their personas. Is there some correlation to wrestling and raving? One would think not, but I beg to differ. Are you planning on going to a rave at 3 but have to fight someone named The Destroyer at 6? Don’t worry, your outfit will most definitely match both occasions.

Anyway, here is a vital list that we compiled of some of the most famous wrestlers and what kind of raver they would be and probably are, on the side.


Becky Lynch – Headbanger 

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As a native of Ireland, Becky Lynch has a natural intense style. Lynch started wrestling back in Ireland when she was a teenager. As a tag team duo, Lynch and her brother took on some of the most insane wrestlers in Ireland. Her energy is infectious and permeates every environment she enters. Just like every headbanger, her moves inspire others to get out there and do the same. If we saw Becky at a show there is no question she would definitely be riding the rail at an Excision set, showing us how it’s done. The “Headbanger” is one of the most hardcore tropes in rave culture. Always at the front of the set riding the rail, the “Headbanger” knows the best shows to go to and is extremely passionate about the style of EDM that they listen to. You’ll usually see a crowd of them running to the next set at a festival, shuffling, and then headbanging through the entire show. If you’re looking for a festy partner to have a wild good time with, a “Headbanger” is your go to.


Charlotte Flair – Costume Queen

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Charlotte Flair is one of the most decorated wrestling champions; by wins and by costumes. Flair’s name definitely suits her. As one of the most intense wrestling superstars, she knows how to put on a show. Each time she steps into the ring, it’s all eyes on her. The costumes that Flair rocks are a testament to her powerful persona. Feel free to admire her style and kick-ass attitude, but like every costume queen, don’t cross her or you’ll get the horns. The horns that match her cape and pitchfork for an appropriate costume. Always dressed to the nines, the “Costume Queen” has a scheduled and themed outfit for each day of a festival or rave. Every “Costume Queen” takes time to plan and execute their intricate costumes to show off at the event. Often, their costumes are so elaborate, they contribute to everyone’s experience of the festival or rave.


John Cena – The Bro

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Like every lovable Bro at the rave, John Cena does not hold back. Cena is a mega superstar wrestler who’s charisma has transcended into film and television. Sometimes funny, sometimes irritating, you definitely never forget John Cena. He’s just like every bro at the rave: fun loving, wild, and sometimes problematic. No matter how out of control they get, you still have a warm spot in your heart for the impassioned dudes who are stoked beyond belief for the set. You probably know them and one of them is probably your exuberant brother that you decided to bring with you. Either way, “The Bro” is always a good time and makes sure that everyone is having fun around them. Like your own personal Hype Man, “The Bro” will get the entire crew into the mood for the wild experience you are about to have. Just be sure to watch his energy drink intake.


Mustafa Ali – LED Lover

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As a former police officer in a Chicago suburb, Mustafa Ali is no stranger to bright lights. And of course, All of the lights are what the LED Lover is concerned about. After becoming a professional wrestler Ali started to don one of the most iconic costumes in all of wrestling. With his light up mask and suit, Ali told everyone what time it was without saying a word. Just like every LED lover at the rave, you know it’s party time when they show up. Enhancing the experience of the rave or festival is the main focus for the LED Lover. No matter how wild the LED’s are, you can’t look away and you can’t begin to dislike it. Mustafa Ali is one of the most original wrestlers in the game and his choice of lights and costume accentuate that quality. Just like Mustafa, the LED Lover finds any way possible to wear LED lights. Light up mask? Yes. Light up jacket? Got it. Light up eyelashes? Yes, they have them, and no you cannot touch them. This person is similar to the Costume Queen as an addition to the entire event aesthetic. You certainly can’t miss them. When you do see them, be sure to admire their work. It’s done for, not only them but everyone in attendance.


Asuka – Kandi Kid

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As one of the wildest wrestling superstars out there, Asuka is not to be messed with. Her colorful aesthetic may provide the illusion that she is sweet and angelic, but once you get her in the ring it is game over. This is pretty similar to all Kandi Kids. While their demeanor may seem docile and overly kind, they are not to be crossed. Trying to scam a Kandi Kid out of their creations? Watch the fu** out. You definitely won’t do it a second time. However, treat them with respect and you will have the best time and a festy besty for life. Seems to be the same for Asuka. Don’t cross her. However, feel free to admire her color palette of designs and adornments from a solid distance, unless otherwise prompted.


Bayley – Crowd Surfer

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An obvious fun lover, Bayley is one of the most popular wrestlers in the industry. She’s tough, she’s cool, and she’s ready to kick ass at a moments notice. This is almost exactly like every crowd surfer I have ever met. Having the nerve to ride the crowd wave and let it take you anywhere is not something everyone does. Bayley is definitely one who would have no issued jumping into a pile of people and being thrown around during a set. That’s basically what she does for a living. The crowd surfer knows what they’re made of, knows what they can handle, and knows they can handle the wildly insane atmosphere of any show.  We’d say Bayley is probably the coolest wrestling superstar and the one we want to party with the most. Pretty sure a party with Bayley has no end in sight, and we’re so ok with that.

Final Thoughts

One would never really put wrestling and raving together and compare their similarities. However, they really are quite similar. Everyone is there for a good time, everyone is dressed as their alter egos, and everyone has the highest level of energy. I am thinking I’ll make a few minor changes to my rave babe outfit and hit up the next wrestling show in town. Now I just need to think of a wrestling name. Any suggestions?

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