GloFX Cosmic Cable: 10 Ways to Flow, Enhance, & Create


It’s a moment we’ve all been waiting for… The Space Whip Remix series now has a new addition! And this isn’t just an ordinary whip. This is the GloFX Cosmic Cable. This latest design is wonderfully multi-purposeful and a reinvented way to approach the LED game!

Cosmic Cable Model with Light Trails

This 6 ft. Side Glow fiber cable comes with 35 vibrant colors, 3 brightness settings, 5 customizable color settings, and 18 light modes. And all of this is accessible through state-of-the-art one-button programming.

Let’s explore the Top 10 creative ways to use the Cosmic Cable and learn about the unique features of Side Glow Fiber Optics.

What Are Side Glow Fiber Optics?

The GloFX Cosmic Cable features a single Side Glow fiber optic bundle which allows light to gradually escape along the entire length of the fiber. This creates a strong, even glow from the powerhouse through the end of the cable.  Note, this is different from our End Glow fibers used in the Space Whip Remix and our Sparkle fibers used in the Space Whip Remix – Sparkle.

End Glow fibers insure that all of the bright light is fed down into the endpoints of each fiber strand, making the tips the brightest part of the whip. The Sparkle fibers are similar, except there are tiny notches throughout the fibers to allow the light to escape in more points, creating an overall starry effect.

That’s what is so special about the Cosmic Cable! Since the light gradually escapes, it creates a neon tube appearance throughout the entire strand. A reflective end cap pushes the light back through the cable to help increase the overall brightness.

Cosmic Cable Close Up with Model

Flow Arts Crossover

Although the Cosmic Cable is extremely versatile, it is first and foremost an epic new flow prop!

1) Rope Dart

The most popular way the Cosmic Cable is used is similar to that of a rope dart. The rope dart was originally used at a weapon dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD)! This weapon was a piece of standard rope with a dart or dagger attached to the end of it. The user could throw the dagger at opponents and then pull the dagger back with ease. (Tactical, yet savage!) Now, the rope dart has moved from Chinese martial arts into performance arts, the dart at the end being replaced by non-lethal objects, such as LED lights.

For the Cosmic Cable, the cable IS the rope! So when you do rope dart tricks, the cable creates an amazing trail of light unlike any other!

Instead of a dagger, consider adding a GloCap to your Cosmic Cable. This will add an extra point of light to the powerhouse to make even more amazing moves. (Please don’t use a dagger.)

2) Space Whip

Of course, you can also use your Cosmic Cable just like a Space Whip Remix. With a rope dart style, you hold the cable and wield the powerhouse. But with whipping, it’s reversed! Wrap the cable around your body, through your knees, under your arms, and so much more. Let the light surround and envelop you like the Universe is giving you a big hug!

Cosmic Cable Light Trails

Enhance Your Gear

If flowing wasn’t enough, the Cosmic Cable is also great for decorating and enhancing accessories that you already own. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a festival, going on a hike, or are just looking for a day-to-day pop of color, the Cosmic Cable has you covered! Here are a few creative ideas.

3) Backpack

This use is perfect for festivals or everyday travel! The Cosmic Cable’s battery life lasts from 8 to 10 hours, making it a perfect light accessory to accompany you all night long, no matter where you are. This is a great way to stay safe while hiking through the woods or biking down the street at night!

Cosmic Cable - Backpack Accessory

Leave the cable loose or weave it through the backpack. Whatever you choose, it will no doubt get positive attention! Be that “That Guy or Gal with the Cool Backpack.”

4) Festival Totem

Have you ever been to a festival and seen a totem that was to just die for? It had over-the-top cool designs, was bedazzled with glitter from top to bottom, or had the best pun you’ve ever seen? Well with the Cosmic Cable, you can join the big leagues! Twist your Cosmic Cable up the handle like a candy cane or outline your sign. Pick out your favorite colors from the Cable’s 35 choices, or choose a light mode for a unique experience! Be the totem master at your next event!

5) Umbrella

Are you ever out and about and wish that your umbrella had a bit more oomph? Rain doesn’t mean that you have to put your light-up electronics away! Snake the Cosmic Cable through the metal skeleton of your umbrella for a glowing, yet practical effect!

If you’re worried about the Cosmic Cable powerhouse getting wet, don’t bother! The powerhouse is completely water resistant. Add this element to your umbrella for an outfit accessory or just some good ol’ glow, rain or shine!

6) Scooters

Nothing is cooler than a scooter!… Or, maybe a few things are…

But you can certainly make your scooter cooler with the Cosmic Cable! Like the totem handle, wrap your scooter like a candy cane , and watch the jaws drop.

Don’t have a scooter? Lots of major cities have got you covered! Snag an electric scooter on the way to your next outing, and slap the Cosmic Cable on it. With just a few twist ties, you can ride in style and have everyone you pass wondering where you got customizable transportation!

Create Beautiful Art

Every person is capable of making beautiful art. As much as some people may fight it, saying untrue statements like, “I can’t even draw a stick figure,” or “I don’t have a creative bone in my body,” these people have just not found their perfect medium and muse.

With the Cosmic Cable, you can create stunning art in a new and captivating ways unlike any other! Maybe abstract watercolor isn’t your thing, so branch out! Give the Cosmic Cable a try!

7) Light Painting

In the past few years, (especially 2020), light painting has become more well-known than ever! With extra time on hand and a drive to pick up new hobbies, more and more people are asking Google, “What are some awesome tools to do light painting?” Our answer to that is the Cosmic Cable!

Cosmic Cable Behind the Scenes

With a single, uniform cable, it’s never been easier to get clean, crisp shapes! Make flowers, fireworks, or butterflies come to life with a long exposure camera setting. Use as a backlight, and watch as your subjects become dancing silhouettes in front of rainbowed beams. Create trippy patterns in fields to resemble out-of-this-world views. The possibilities are endless with your imagination and the Cosmic Cable!

Cosmic Cable Trails

8) Home Décor

Having guests over and want to add some extra pizzazz to your living room? With the Cosmic Cable, you have options!

If you’re not in the mood to wow your friends with a light show, outline your dinner table with the cable. That under-glow could be just the thing that’s missing from your party décor!

Or display your cable proudly on the wall in an LED twist. Create words or swirls, or waves- anything and everything that would make your place look the best!

9) Costumes

Only two things can elevate an already awesome Halloween Costume: fake blood and things that light up!

Use the Cosmic Cable as a killer accessory to your killer costume! Get creative with tails, wraps, Wonder Woman lassos, Indiana Jones-turned-raver, and whatever else you can think of!

Plus, don’t narrow yourself to just Halloween. Show up themed to your next festival, or incorporate the cable into your next cosplay!

10) Light Therapy

The Cosmic Cable is also great for light therapy!

Light therapy, by definition, is the use of light in treatment of mental or physical illness. The most popular form of light therapy is in people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also known as Seasonal Depression! This is a type of depression that usually comes around in winter because it is colder and there isn’t as much sunlight as summer months.

To get the benefits of light therapy from the Cosmic Cable, turn the cable on its brightest setting, and go to one of your favorite colors. And voilà! Let the light begin its healing!

Final Thoughts

BONUS! Have you ever jumped rope with lightning? Well, it’s awesome. And it looks awesome too! We can only imagine what light painting photography of that would look like!

All in all, the Space Whip Remix – Cosmic Cable is no one trick pony. It’s so versatile that it break the boundaries of a rave toy into so much more. So without further ado, pick up your Cosmic Cable today and start flowing, enhancing, and creating!

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