How to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder and Color Therapy Glasses
In the United States alone, depression affects over 16.1 million people and accounts for over 6% of the population. Worldwide, that statistic shoots to over 268 million. Although Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) doesn’t have the word “depression” in it, it is a type of depression. While Color Therapy Glasses are not a cure for any […]
GloFX Year in Review 2018 Rage Blog
Here at GloFX, we set our sights on the stars, and we take pride in being able to consistently reach our sky-high expectations. In 2018, we set the bar even higher and are so incredibly proud to say that we met and exceeded our goals on countless occasions! With the year coming to a close, […]
10 Festival Outfits for the Holiday Season Feature Image
Tis’ the season for cold weather and Christmas sweaters… unless you are a rave babe heading to an EDM festival. While it may be chilly outside, you will still be looking hot. If you are attending Snowglobe, Electric Christmas or any other shows in the coming months, we are assuring you that the 10 outfit inspirations […]
GloFX Supports Children's Heart Foundation Rage Blog
There is a lot to love about GloFX’s Heart Kaleidoscope glasses! They’re eye-catching, stylish, and add a whole other dimension to your experience… we could go on and on about these lovely accessories and all the reasons you should fall for them. More than this, however, your heart can grow 3 times in size with […]
STEM Case Study
Music Festivals, Raves, and Wild Parties – these are three things people usually associate with GloFX. Which is definitely where we got our start, but most people would be surprised by the variety of people and places that use GloFX Eyewear and LED Products. From classrooms to doctor’s offices, GloFX products are providing users with […]
Light Painting Basics
If you’re a flow artist, you are familiar with #trailshottuesday all over Instagram featuring many artists and their LED flow toys. These beautiful photos are created by light painting, a technique that involves moving a light source while taking a long-exposure photograph. Light painting possibilities are endless, creating shapes and galaxies of colors that create […]
GloFX Programmable LED Poi
Here at GloFX, we are constantly striving to innovate new products and improve our current ones. We are excited to introduce our new Programmable LED Poi Balls. These poi balls provide endless possibilities for spinners and jugglers of any skill level, and are available as String Poi, Weighted Sock Poi, Unweighted Sock Poi, and as […]
Electronic Music Tattoos Blog
Here at GloFX, we are all about self-expression through music. Music holds a special place in everybody’s heart, and what better way to show your deep appreciation for music than with an amazing tattoo? There are endless possibilities to represent your favorite artist, genre, or musical concepts. Having a constant reminder of the memories you […]
GloFX Makes Inc 5000 List
Each year, Inc. Magazine publishes the Inc. 5000 list, which features the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America. Over the years, this prestigious list has included companies such as Zappos, Dell, & Chobani. The list is comprised of companies from many unique industries, from technology and A.I. to medical research and even the infamous Pop Sockets […]
GloFX College Scholarship Winner 2018
Each year, GloFX provides an opportunity for students to receive financial aid through its scholarship program. GloFX endorses the pursuit of knowledge to its highest degree, and we aim to show our devotion to education by alleviating some of the weight of academic tuition. Innovation, critical thinking, creativity, and constant improvement are core values at […]
What to Bring to a Music Festival
The 2018 festival season is still going strong: the line ups are awesome, the stages are better than ever, and all of our ravers are making some of the best memories. While you’re probably ready to take on your next festival and rage all night long, you’ll want an easy checklist of what to bring […]
As I was (begrudgingly) watching wrestling with my boyfriend, I noticed something fascinating. Almost all of the wrestling superstars could double as a specific raver stereotype. Obviously, this peaked my interest. I sat up and began to admire the detail and design that went into their costumes, as well as their personas. Is there some […]