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So you’re going to Coachella…

As one of the most coveted music festivals in the country, scoring a weekend pass to Coachella is a feat all its own. If you were able to snag tickets from the official website, chances are that you probably had a part in beating out a few celebrities, as well as the general population. Good for you!

In any event, you will need a solid style strategy. Coachella is where the year’s best performers show up to put on spectacular sets. It is also a stomping ground for some of the most fashion-forward styles of the year, along with some of the strangest. Here is how you can find a happy solution of your outfit choices this year at Coachella.

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Coachella is Bohemian Eclecticism

As one of the most attended festivals in North America, Coachella boasted a staggering 125,000 person attendance in 2017. The overall style of Coachella is Bohemian Eclecticism, and such explains their vast array of artists that perform there. With certain attributes recalling hippie festivals of the 1960’s, the Coachella style is also very in tune with the current zeitgeist of style in the twenty-teens. You may decide to pack your Chuck Taylor’s and Vans, along with a pair of sandals that are super cute but can also be lost at a Chance The Rapper show. Cut off jeans are almost a necessity, along with rompers, and shorts. Patterns are regular and welcome guests at Coachella.

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Anything Goes

Since this is, after all, a music festival, you are permitted to get wild with your outfit choices. It’s safe to say that almost anything goes, as long as you make it your own and rock the hell out of it. Stylized bikini tops and a pair of high waisted jeans will allow you to stay cool as well as feeling carefree in the most carefree of environments. As is with any festival, this your chance to show off your unabashed self. Who are you when no one is looking? That is how you want to dress at Coachella.

A Range of Materials to be Worn

The sunny California lifestyle allows for a range of materials to be worn, so denim and cotton blends mix well with the dry heat of SoCal weather. When it comes to hats and headbands, always go for it. There is no shame in adding a topper to the layer cake that is you and your festival outfit. A layered sundress that flows in the elusive desert breeze is something that not only looks great but something you will most certainly need in the dry heat.

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The Men of Coachella

While a lot of the taste-making can be attributed to the women of Coachella, the men’s fashion of Coachella is also a big contributor. Jeans, patterned shorts, and trunks are the go to. Tanks that adorn your favorite artist are also a solid choice when needing to decide which tee’s to bring with you. A light leather jacket may even be something to bring along to add to the eclectic style choices you have made thus far. As I said before, the style is a mix of a throwback to festivals of past decades along with the avant-garde style that has been developed throughout the twenty-teens. Therefore, the modernism that has accompanied this decade can be pleasantly mixed with midcentury style choices that were once considered fringe, that we now find on the cutting edge.

Deciding what to wear, all in all, is a small part of your Coachella experience. Your outfit simply compliments your experience. That being said, the more comfortable and in love with your look you are, the more fun you will have. So take some time, find the wildest thing you’re comfortable with and run with it. You never know whose eye you’re going to catch.


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