Our Mission

We are determined to enhance the ways in which people interact with light through innovative products that outperform customer expectations.

GloFX Essential Rave Gear _ Music Festival Vendor_ Diffraction Glasses

Our Journey

GloFX started in a garage in 2009, and our team has been relentlessly committed to designing, manufacturing, and assembling unique eyewear and LED flow toys. From there, we spread our creations to our friends and the community. A ton of hours, blood, sweat, and tears later, GloFX is now a Global Leader in Festival Gear and has sold millions of pairs of rave glasses to EDM enthusiasts around the world.

Our products get their appeal from their ability to enhance one’s experience and leave a lasting impression. Built on the importance of innovation, we strive to push the boundaries of perception with its revolutionary eyewear and LED products.

GloFX Rave Eyeywear_ EDM Music Festival Eyewear _ Kaleidoscope Glasses _ Rave Goggles

Our Promise

One of the strongest motivational forces that drive us at GloFX is the satisfaction of our community. We promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee when shopping at GloFX and have a small, dedicated team of customer experience representatives who embody this philosophy each and every day.

We guarantee to continue working one-on-one with any customer to provide adequate support and assistance with our products. We are confident that when shopping with GloFX, you too will see our urge for quality and excellent service.

GloFX Essential Rave Gear _ Music Festival Eyewear _ Diffraction Glasses

Our Commitment

We strive to build a community that connects people through many avenues of interactivity. We believe in giving it all back to the local and EDM community.

Our Culture Committee is tasked with providing recommendations on and leading projects, initiatives, and restructuring that improves our efforts to support our employees and the local community.

Our Team

Though we make a big impact, we are a small business. Our inventory, staff, and process are located in Tallahassee, FL! Our small team of fun-loving people, work hard to hand build each order and ship it directly from our warehouse in Tallahassee, FL, within 24 hours of order, and after receiving a proper inspection to confirm quality and promise satisfaction.

We know the hard work and love necessary to deliver on a top-notch service, and we are dedicated to giving that to our community.

Our Accomplishments

GloFX Awards _ Florida Sterling Manufacturing Excellence
GloFX Awards _ Inc 5000 winner _ Nominations
GloFX Awards _ Top Florida Company to Watch
GloFX Awards _ Golden Ace Winner