Space Whip Pro Makes Its Television Debut

Imagine our surprise when we turned on the television to see two GloFX sponsored promoters flowing with the Space Whip Pro on MTV! It was a beautiful turn of events leading up to this monumental moment in GloFX and flow arts history.

The two GloFX promoters who made their way to Los Angeles and landed on MTV’s Amazingness hosted by Rob Dyrdek, are Drew Fontaine and Vincent Sayre.

Drew and Vince are brothers living in Colorado Springs, Colorado who have grown into remarkable flow artists. Only recently have they become part of the GloFX team and we could not be more proud.

After purchasing the Space Whip Pro, the two inevitably began posting images on their Instagram accounts of various flow moves, prompting us to take notice. Once approached, the two were thrilled to be part of the GloFX team.

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Whipping Makes its MTV Debut

Evidently, we are not the only ones who took notice of this duo, whom aptly named themselves “Double Whip Twins” (later dubbed “Whiplash” by Rob Dyrdek). Producers from the MTV network reached out to them and inquired about their skills. After that, they were soon on a flight to Los Angeles to appear on MTV’s Amazingness.

Months later, pan to us being absolutely dumbfounded when we see the vibrant colors of the Space Whip Pro on a new Friday night episode of MTV’s Amazingness!

This level of exposure for this medium of flow artistry is unheard of, and has the potential to grow the art form into what it deserves to be; a household name. As more exposure is given to the growing whipping community, the more recognition it will be given, and the more respect it will garner. The dedication and time spent by all flow artists (not just whippers) is sometimes lost on the mainstream public.

As is with any underground group, some may criticize the these two for taking their turn at the mainstream media, but in the grand scheme of flow arts exposure, this is a milestone.

In the meantime, please enjoy this video of GloFX sponsored promoters Drew Fontaine and Vince Sayre performing with the Space Whip Pro as “Whiplash”.

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