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Are you ready to join the LED gloving movement?

This popular new style of performance arts has rushed the globe in recent years. LED Gloves, commonly called “rave gloves,” are seen at EDM shows and music festivals all across the world.

“Gloving” is already considered as a legit performance art on its own (separate from the EDM scene that it was first associated with). People spend hundreds on light gloves, give out impromptu lightshows in concerts to practice their skills, and compete against each other in gloving competitions. It’s comparable to other types of “dances” that were borne out of the EDM movement, such as finger tutting and digits.

What you need:

There are two requirements for being a gloving artist. The first one is skill. The second one is having the right equipment. Skill is something that you’ll get with practice. There is no shortcut to it.

The primary equipment in gloving are, obviously, LED gloves. These are white or black butler-style gloves fitted with LED lights at the fingertips. The lights are generally color-changing, adding to the psychedelic effect when the glover performs light shows.

The GloFX LED Rave Gloves

As a premier rave accessory manufacturer, GloFX has exactly what you need when it comes to getting in on the gloving scene. All of their gloves come equipped with your choice of GloFX’s extra bright and durable Microlights to maximize light output during performances. And the best part? The gloves can be used straight out of the box—no assembly or construction needed. The gloves used are custom manufactured specifically to be the right size, fit, and tension to hold lights in place on your fingers.

The LED lights on GloFX LED rave gloves provide a wide variety of colors and effects that can add a thrilling variety to your light shows, setting you apart from every other glover on the scene. Changing the colors of the lights and activating the effects requires you to simply set your hand into motion. When you’re ready to upgrade, they have you covered with premier and elite glove sets featuring multiple modes on each finger. Batteries are included when you purchase, as well as free diffusers to make your lights even brighter!

So what are you waiting for? Express yourself through the art of gloving with GloFX’s Premier LED Rave Gloves.