Style Choices of EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival)

The Aesthetic of The Rave

Since the beginning of EDM, the aesthetic of the rave scene has always been about the neons, the metallics, and whatever put an outfit over the top. While these flashy elements are still seen everywhere today, their execution has evolved entirely.

At Electric Daisy Carnival, whether it be Orlando, Vegas, or any of their international locations, vivid images of ravers wearing crazy patterns, fuzzy leg warmers, and bedazzled daisy tops easily come into mind. Self-expression and creativity are imperative when it comes to EDC; however, coordination and sophistication have taken the spotlight.

Outfit planning begins months in advance, and for good reason. Standing out among all the craziness of EDC: the lights, the performers, and the thousands of others in the crowd takes some strategic planning. In recent years, EDC fashion has taken its traditional styles and combined them with the runway.

Neon Lights

For those who take a “glow up” to the next level, neon colors and lights are the moves. The mismatched craziness of multiple neons has evolved into coordinated outfits that make the bright colors look sophisticated. At EDC, neon is the new black.

Why let the stage production have all the fun? That’s right, you can be the light show. Light-up eyewear, masks, shoes- you name it. There are countless outfit options that will help you radiate in the crowd.

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Attending EDC with your squad is a magical experience. For many, doing a themed-group outfit is a perfect way to create an even better experience together. EDC is filled with groups of cartoon characters, rave princesses, flower-covered girls, and even simply just matching colors. Prepare for some amazing photo-ops under the electric sky!

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Evolution of Style

In years past it has always been “the flashier, the better”. While that sentiment still stands, it has most certainly evolved. Themed outfits are being replaced with simple neon colors. An intricate composition of pieces go into one outfit for a whole day, and it might take someone months to perfect their outfit for the big weekend. If you’ve been to any EDC event, you know what I mean. Taking ideas from your favorite superhero movie or Disney storyline is not unheard of.


As stated previously, EDC fashion has developed into runway-level elegance. High platform boots are matched with shiny, leather bodysuits, paired with a crown or a set of wings, and some EDM inspired eyewear. Makeup artistry completes a space outfit or takes an animal look to the next level. These days, some of the EDC attendees are as show-stopping as the entertainers and performers.

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Color coordination is a rule of thumb when preparing your outfits for EDC. As previously mentioned, themes are sometimes a big part of an individuals outfit. An EDC outfit can be an outward expression of someone’s inward self that they might not show to many people. One might actually consider themselves lucky to see some of these really thoughtful outfits because most of the world does not.


The most important style choice for EDC is the one that best expresses who you are, what you’re comfortable in, and what side of yourself you want to show off to the world. When you step through those gates, you are encouraged to be who you are, dance how you want, and feel welcome. No matter the trends that might be happening, or the movement towards certain fashions, the best EDC look you can wear is the one you want, and it will never go out of style.

Final Thoughts

The aesthetic of EDM will always have intense tones of neon colors, platform heels, and intensely cut outfits. This is why we love it, and part of the reason we keep coming back to EDC. It is a place where you can 100% be yourself and show yourself through your choice of style and outfit. All are welcome at EDC and the style will ultimately be whatever you want it to be. EDC does, however, inspire you to go in a direction that is undeniably beautiful and pleasing to all of the senses.

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