The Ultimate Guide To Music Festival Outfits

Ultimate Guide to Music Festival Outfits

The excitement and intensity of snagging tickets to the top festival of the summer are unimaginable! You’re excited, nervous, and impatient.

After emotions settle down, you focus on the critical. Your outfits! A five-day event where shorts and tanks won’t cut it. Why? Because you are a die-hard head-banger.

This isn’t just some weekend getaway for you. This is your existence.

It is vital to strategize how to make the biggest impact. Are you ordering online, all cost aside? Or are you going DIY style?

The reasoning in dressing up for a festival is expressing your creativity and living out your authenticity.

Take all of what’s in your mind and manifest it into the perfect series of outfits for an experience that is going to shape you.

Here is where YOU make that happen. 

Guide to Music Festival Outfits

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As one of the most attended festivals in North America, Coachella boasted a staggering 125,000 person attendance in 2017. The overall style of Coachella is Bohemian Eclecticism, such explains their vast array of artists and genres that perform there. With certain attributes recalling hippie festivals of the 1960’s, the Coachella style is also very in tune with the current zeitgeist of style in the twenty-teens.



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The vibe of Bonnaroo harkens back to the idealism of Woodstock. The festival all of us remember but none of us went to. Certainly, we have heard our parents speak of the insurmountable fun and wild experiences had at Woodstock. The Bonnaroo producers have always been at the helm of recreating this yearning for festivals of yesteryear, so the style choices made by the attendees do not fall short of recreating these sentiments.

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The style and vibe of Lollapalooza are that of mainstream cool, with a lot of crazy in the mix. In some circles that might come off as a denouncement of the style that Lollapalooza oozes, but that could not be further from the truth. Monochrome outfits paired with outlandish sneakers and over the top sunglasses pass you by as you smell the craft beer and smoke from a pit bbq permeate the air.


Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)

Since day one of EDM and raves, the aesthetic has always been about the neon and metallics. We’re all still fans of those two schools of thought in the EDM world, however, the sentiment has evolved. At EDC (Orlando, Vegas, Etc.) less is more. That goes for neon colors, and fabric all together. Halter tops with metallic earthy tones and pastels have replaced the deep neons of the early 2000’s. Self-expression and creativity are imperative when it comes to EDC.



The most popular festival in the U.K., Glastonbury has a style that is all it’s own and is, frankly, difficult to pinpoint. There are, however, those that have successfully nailed the style of this divinely eclectic festival in the middle of Somerset, U.K. The weather is unpredictable at times which calls for a wide range of outfit choices, many of which we have outlined for you.


 Ultra Music Festival

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Ultra Music Festival is an international event that draws massive crowds each year. Set in Miami, along with many other destinations across the globe, it is the premier music festival for all EDM genres and fans. The international crowd also draws the most international style for these festival outfits. While creative and intense rave gear is shown off to a tee, many people form their own style which, in turn, creates a style for Ultra that has never been seen before. This can sound intimidating when deciding on your festival outfits, but don’t worry, we have all the ideas that you need to nail your perfect Ultra Music Festival outfit.

Choose Your Style

EDM Festivals

The EDM genre is vast and wide, and such is the style of outfits that you’ll find at all kinds of different EDM festivals. One of the major keys to any EDM festival is “GO BIG”. Let’s show you how.

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Festival Outfits For Men

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Future Music Festival

One may assume that festival outfits and fashion are a strictly female worry when it comes to choosing your garb for the big weekend. On the contrary, there are many different variations of men’s style that can be artfully crafted in a way that makes a statement for the male festival goer. Statements are key when in a large crowd, probably one of the most eclectic crowds you’ll ever experience. We have the go-to festival outfits for men that are sure to have people looking in the right direction and asking all the right questions.   


Jazz Music Festivals

Smooth, loud, crazy, sultry, and wild sounds all come from a good jazz festival. The equivalent comes with what one wears to attend. Keep it fun, but understated. Make it cool, but effortless. Make it like jazz.


Boho Music Festival Outfits

From Coachella to Bonnaroo, the Boho music festival is one that has a style all its own. That style also changes from festival to festival. The bohemian lifestyle is about nature, neutrals, and untouched beauty. These fundamentals traverse the entire boho style.

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Country Music Festivals

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The style of a country music festival is distinct. Cowboy hats and boots are the accessories of the weekend and denim rules all. There are, however, different ways that one can dress this up to add their own spin on it.

Pick Your Season

Halloween Festivals

3/52 | An Arrangement For The End.

Madness ensues at any and all festivals in many different forms. When a music and arts festival is kicking off during Halloween, you can bet all of your Kandi money that it will be madness ten-fold. Creating a sexy Halloween costume is not a science, but mixing your Halloween costume with a relevant rave outfit just might be.

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Fall Music Festivals

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As it cools down, it is definitely time to put on the layers. For some, that is more easily said than done when attending a festival. However, there are multiple ways you can keep your festival chic aesthetic while still keeping warm and looking cute. Take a look at our ideas for being comfy and cozy while hitting up your favorite fall music festival.


Winter Music Festivals

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While some may claim that festival season is over on the first day it drops below seventy-five degrees, cities like Vail and Breckenridge have some more left in them. Winter festivals are that special breed of event that draws out a crowd who are die-hard fans of the genre playing. Going to a winter music festival? You will most certainly need warm clothes, including a hat, a coat, and a scarf. Basically bundling up is your only option, but there are many ways to make that the best one.


Rainy Music Festivals

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Summertime means festivals. Another thing summertime means is rain. Unfortunately, in certain parts of the world, it will most definitely rain at the festival you’re attending. Don’t let this ruin your experience though. A simple strategy will have you moshing all up in the rain and mud having a great time. Check out our outfits for rainy music festivals. Don’t forget your galoshes. Just kidding.


Summer Music Festivals


The ultimate, the busiest, the one and only Festival Season, a.k.a., Summer. It’s the time where you can break out your trusty festival gear and rage out at all of your favorite shows. What’s more, the warmth adds a different element to how much you will wear. Or how much you won’t wear. Summer festival outfits are probably the least expensive because they carry the least amount of cloth. Navigating the terrain of Summer / Festival Season, when you are not sure what to wear can be a daunting task. Good thing we are here to help you stay cool and sexy this summer.


New Year’s Eve Music Festivals

For New Year’s Eve, the style choices explode with nuances for the anticipation of the new year. Take a look at what others did for NYE 2018 to get inspiration for year-round festival outfits.

Holiday Season Music Festivals

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There are many ways to fine-tune your festival outfit for a holiday centered festival. Don’t resort to only the cheeky Santa Claus hat atop your usual festival garb. We have ten of the best ways you can dress up for the music festival on your list during the holiday season.

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Kaleidoscope Glasses are the latest in Dimensional Eyewear. These glasses are best used during amazing light show experiences. While we don’t recommend immediate long-term use, they are definitely a vital part of your music festival outfit and experience.


DIY Festival Outfits

We know that festival outfits can get expensive if you’re going full retail. An alternative to spending money better spent at the festival is to do it yourself. 

Final thoughts…

When going to a festival, your outfit is the ultimate outward representation of yourself to the world. We hope that some of these resources helped you in your outfit curation. Be sure to check back and see all of the resources we have added and updated!

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