What to Bring to a Music Festival in 2018

What to Bring to a Music Festival

The 2018 festival season is still going strong: the line ups are awesome, the stages are better than ever, and all of our ravers are making some of the best memories. While you’re probably ready to take on your next festival and rage all night long, you’ll want an easy checklist of what to bring to a rave that will help you make it through the event in one piece.

This list of top 10 rave essentials will help you have a safe and amazing experience no matter how wild the night gets!


1. Hydration Pack

Hydration Pack

We cannot stress the importance of drinking water or electrolytes enough. Many festivals take place in warmer months, outside, and with large crowds. When you’re jumping, shuffling, head banging or dancing, your body is getting a full workout. Working up a sweat in those conditions means that your body needs water, and you’ll often be unaware of just how dehydrated you are when you’re having that much fun.

2. Face Mask

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If you’ve ever blown your nose after a festival or rave, you know how essential a face mask is. Face masks are not only great accessories to pull together an outfit, but they also help protect your face, mouth, and lungs from the dust, smoke, and other things floating in the air at festivals. With people shuffling and jumping, pyrotechnics going off, and smoke machines blowing, you won’t realize the amount of debris consistently shot into the air. Plus, they come in endless colors, patterns, and prints!

3. Portable Phone Charger

Portable Phone Charger

Even though people preach to not live through your phone at a festival and to just live in the moment, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to record the drop to your favorite song or catch a memory with your rave squad! With poor signal during a very long day at a festival, your phone battery tends to drain pretty quickly. Whether you want to take some videos, or need to meet up with the rest of your group at the end of the day, a low battery is a very frustrating sign. In order to make sure you don’t miss any of those moments, bring a portable charger or charging case with you.

4. Plastic Bag

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We all know that weather can be unpredictable at times, and even when rain is in the forecast, who’s that stopping? No one! Rain or shine, if the festival is on, so are you. Your phone and cash, however, will more than likely beg to differ. Unless you have a water-resistant case, a simple plastic bag is definitely the way to go. You can actually use touch screens through the plastic bag as well, so you’ll have access to your phone if you need to communicate with someone too.

5. Chapstick

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Chapped lips are irritating and even painful past a certain point. Plus, just like any other skin on your body, your lips are subject to UV exposure and sunburn. The best way to treat this is to prevent it with some chapstick that also has SPF. The mix of sun and dehydration that you’re exposed to during those long hours will take a toll on your lips, so make sure you’re drinking water and applying chapstick regularly throughout the day!

6. Fan

One of the best reliefs in a festival crowd is when you get a little breeze that squeezes its way through momentarily to give you some fresh air. Actually, you can have access to that at all times when you bring a fan! Fans are another great essential on our list that doubles as a fashion accessory. Fans come in a variety of styles, prints, and colors, and you can buy one to match your outfit for a very reasonable price point. For those hot and humid days in the sun, fans are a perfect way to cool down and are bound to make you some friends when you give some other ravers a quick cool down with yours.

7. Sun Protection

This might be an afterthought for many people, using sunscreen and sunglasses is incredibly important during a festival. You don’t want to burn your skin or eyes the first day, and then suffer for the remainder of the event, so apply sunscreen and put on some sunglasses before heading out. If sunglasses aren’t your thing, you can also try Color Therapy Glasses, which offer both UVA and UVB protection, on top of their individual mood-enhancing benefits.

8. Gum & Candy

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Gum is always great for keeping your breath fresh and preventing dry mouth when you’re becoming a little dehydrated. Having some carbohydrates from candy or lollipops is actually pretty invigorating, and is the little bit of a boost you might not realize you needed until you have it. They’re a quick way to keep your body going for a few more hours and your energy levels up. Many festivals and venues will allow sealed candy and lollipops through security, but be sure to check their rules before you go!

9. Kandi

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Kandi is still a staple among ravers. It’s an incredibly special moment when you get to show Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, and trade a bracelet, cuff, or perler with someone you met at a rave or festival. It’s a little reminder of those moments and memories. Kandi can be as simple as putting a positive word or phrase onto some stretch cord and making a bracelet, so make a few before you go to show some love to your fellow ravers.

10. Dimensional Eyewear

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Want to take your night to the next level? Grab a pair of Diffraction or Kaleidoscope glasses or goggles and get ready for an unmatched visual experience. See beautiful rainbow prisms when you look at lights or fireworks or psychedelic fractals. GloFX goggles are designed to fully immerse you in either diffraction or kaleidoscope visual effects and have an adjustable elastic strap to stay put no matter how wild your night gets. Once you see what dimensional eyewear can do, you’ll never rave without a pair!

Of course, there are some honorable mentions that you should not leave the house without, whether you’re heading to a rave or just to run errands: deodorant and hand sanitizer! There you have it – the GloFX-approved list of essentials to pack for a rave or music festival. As always, rave safe and rave smart!

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