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There are two things that we love at GloFX more than just about anything; enhancing our visuals with diffraction and kaleidoscope glasses, and flow arts.  The Flow Arts Learning Center is your one-stop, information center for anything relating to flow arts.

Not only do we want to spread the love of lights and flow arts.  We want to provide ravers and festival-goers with the most advanced rave accessories in the world.  This page is frequently updated so we can let you know what’s going on in the world of LED gloves, Orbits, Space Fiber, & LED poi.

On the surface, Kaleidoscope and Diffraction glasses might seem like they are fairly simple.  However, there is a ton of science and technology that goes into making a great pair of diffraction lenses.  We want you to know what makes the difference.  You can find all the information you would ever need on these awesome shades and goggles on our “What Are Kaleidoscope and Diffraction Glasses” page.

LED Orbits are are a fairly new addition to the world of flow arts.  This awesome flow toy is the quickly rising to the top of the rave world.  The physics behind this incredibly complex object are something that might seem difficult to understand, but we have simply broken it down for you on our “What Are LED Orbits Page“.

LED Gloves have absolutely BLOWN UP in the last decade, and GloFX has been at the forefront of this massive rave craze.  In the summer of 2016, we launched our own set of premium gloves, The Lux Glove Set.  Check out our “What is Gloving?” page to learn everything about gloving, and what makes GloFX gloves the best.

Be sure to check back here frequently, as we are always updating this section!