The Best Kaleidoscope Glasses of 2016

Best Kaleidoscope Glasses

Since 2009, GloFX’s name has become synonymous with providing the best kaleidoscope glasses and party eye wear to ravers.  Less than a decade ago, diffraction and kaleidoscope glasses barely existed.  Now you can find these types of rave glasses in pop culture almost anywhere.  GloFX has helped pioneer the dimensional eyewear industry by engineering, designing, and manufacturing near 1,000 new types of 3D and light up eyewear over the past 6 years. Diffraction and kaleidoscope glasses are now available in many frames, shapes, and styles. Dimensional eyewear has seen a massive upward trend due to popularity at EDM festivals and events such as Something Wonderful, Paradiso, Sunset Music Festival, & more.

GloFX has sold TONS of diffraction and kaleidoscope glasses in 2016.  Everything ranging from Paper Diffraction Glasses, to custom effect lenses and cyborg goggles. However, there is one pair of glasses that really stuck out from the crowd: GloFX Black Kaleidoscope Glasses with Original Rainbow Lenses.

The Best Kaleidoscope Glasses: GloFX Gloss Black Frame With Rainbow Crystals

GloFX Rainbow Kaleidoscope Glasses offer infinite visual sensations through a one-of-a-kind multi-faceted glass crystal.  These are the Kaleidoscope Glasses that started it all.

GloFX Rainbow Kaleidoscope Glasses are all hand-crafted in a jet black frame, right from the capital of Florida.  This elegant yet stylish design offers a classic and sophisticated look. Each set houses a unique pair of glass crystals that pushes the limits of reality and sends your mind spinning through space.  Our original frames feature steel hinges and a glossy black coating.  You can’t go wrong with our best selling and most popular frame.

What Made These Kaleidoscope Glasses The “Best”?

When we asked ourselves which of our glasses were the best, coming up with a decision was extremely difficult.  How would we define “best”?  Would it be the best over-all looking pair of glasses?  The most comfortable?

Although we take pride in every pair of glasses that we produce, we didn’t want to just slap the word “best” on just any pair of glasses.  If we were going to determine a pair the best kaleidoscope glasses, there were a lot of different things to consider.


When reviewing all of our glasses, we noticed that one pair had sold more than any other pair in 2016.   This statistic alone nearly proved that this model must be the best.

Outside of sheer sales numbers, there were many other factors that went into determining these as the best kaleidoscope glasses.  The kaleidoscope lenses themselves are cut with precision, offering a very elegant look.  While the lenses are pretty over-the-top, the frames are extremely simple.  Combined with the fact that black can be worn with literally everything, this makes these one-of-a-kind kaleidoscope glasses a must have for almost every raver.


These glasses flew off the shelves in 2016, and GloFX employees worked around the clock to make sure that these glasses were getting into the hands of the festival-goers all around the world that wanted them.  Blood, sweat and tears were put into manufacturing these glasses. With over 2,000 resellers and distributors stocking GloFX Glasses, demand hit an all time high in 2016.

This lens and frame combo has been wildly popular at more than just raves and EDM festivals.  GloFX Rainbow Black Kaleidoscope Glasses have permeated fashion and art culture as well.  We have received countless requests from models and artists to use this amazing piece of rave eyewear in anything from fashion photoshoots to walk-in art exhibits.  GloFX is extremely proud to have received recognition outside of EDM culture and in the mainstream.

The Future of Kaleidoscope and Diffraction Glasses

As a thank you to our customers, we are offering a discount on the Best Kaleidoscope Glasses on the GloFX homepage.  After all, these glasses would have never been such a massive success without you. Our customers are our pride and the fuel behind our fire. You are the reason we continue to push the boundaries and capabilities of rave eyewear.  With your support we can guarantee countless new styles, shapes, and designs for years to come.

We are also taking everything that we have learned from creating Dimensional Glasses over the past seven years, and making sure that we are incorporating it into all of the new types of eyewear that we develop.  You better believe that 2017 will deliver newer and fresher glasses to reset the standard once again.


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