Lux Series LED Flow Props
Brighter.  Better.  Faster.  Stronger. Coming 8.08.16 Over 365 days in the making, the Lux series has been designed from the ground up to revolutionize your flow.  We dropped our industry-defining Space Saber product line just three months ago, and we will once again be unveiling an entirely new line of flow products on the 8th of August. […]
GloFX Selected As 2016 Finalist
In early 2016, GloFX was nominated as a candidate for the Grow Florida (GrowFL) Top Companies to watch award. Today, GloFX is proud to announce that they have made it to the final round of GrowFL’s “Florida’s Companies to Watch” competition!  GrowFL was created in 2009 by the Florida Legislature as an economic development program, […]
Attending a music festival can be the best experience of your life, but it can also put a lot of stress on your wallet. Deciding which EDM Music Festival you are going to attend, choosing which hotel you are going to stay in, or even picking what you are going to wear each day of the festival can […]
Announcing Lux Coming Soon
We are ecstatic to announce the launch of a highly anticipated new product line, The Lux Series. The Lux Series introduces the highest level of LED Flow Art props ever produced by GloFX. 100% new technology and over a year in development promises great things for this esteemed new line. The GloFX product development staff […]
Rave Festival
We are well into the depths of festival season, and while you might have already done your research on which EDM festival has the best lineup, you might not be thinking about all the items you need in order to make it through the entire event in one piece. Before you immerse yourself in the […]
Introducing GloFX Fiber Optic LED Space Sabers
Redefining the Art of Flow After many months of research and development, GloFX has launched its newest line of flow art products, LED Fiber Optic Space Sabers. Space Sabers are a new addition to the Made in the USA Space Fiber series.  GloFX is committed to pushing the boundaries when it comes to developing flow and poi, […]
  EL Wire is the ultimate rave accessory for the DIY festival-goer.  You can make literally anything glow with EL Wire, it’s flexible and incredibly easy to install which makes it perfects for glasses, backpacks, dresses, shoes, etc.  The coolest feature of EL Wire is its ability to strobe in sync with music via an […]
Testimonial:  GloFX Ultimate Black Diffraction Glasses We are always trying to improve our products, so we frequently ask our customers for feedback.  Here is what one GloFX customer, Dave, had to say about our Ultimate Black Diffraction Glasses. Honestly, when I first heard the words “high-quality” and “diffraction glasses” in the same sentence, I was […]
Festival Main Stage EDM
2016 is geared to be EDM’s biggest year yet. It has fully risen from the underground to the mainstream and budded into a whopping 7-billion-dollar industry! With artists like JackU (Diplo and Skrillex) getting widespread notoriety by winning coveted Grammy awards and collaborating with high-profile artists such as Justin Bieber, EDM is clearly no longer confined to […]