Top 5 Halloween EDM Festivals & Raves of 2016

Halloween is the end-all-be-all holiday for ravers and EDM fans.  On October 31st, everything associated with EDM and festival culture that could possibly be considered taboo is suddenly acceptable.  This makes EDM festivals and raves on Halloween some of the best events of the entire year.  The Rage has picked out what it considers the top 5 Halloween EDM festivals.

#5 Something Wicked – Houston, TX – Oct. 29th & 30th

Festival trailers have gotten pretty over-the-top in 2016, and the trailer for Something Wicked is no exception.  The headliners for this year are also pretty over-the-top;  Diplo, Excision, Hardwell, Deorro, & Carnage round out an extremely star-studded lineup.  This festival will no doubt be extremely wicked.
– Something Wicked Facebook Page
– Something Wicked Website
– Something Wicked Youtube

#4 Escape Psycho Circus – San Bernardino, CA – Oct. 28th & 29th

There is no way you can go wrong by spending your Halloween at an event hosted by legendary EDM festival organizers, Insomniac.  With huge name DJs like Armin Van Buuren, Benny Bennassi, & Tiesto, this event will impress even the most hardened ravers.  Insomniac is known for creating incredibly immersive environments, so they might be more well-suited to host a Halloween rave than any other outfit in the entire country.  People go all out with their costumes for this event, so make sure that you accessorize properly with Diffraction Glasses, and Goggles.
– Escape Psycho Circus Website
– Escape Psycho Circus Facebook Page
– Insomniac Youtube Channel

#3 Super You & Me – Los Angeles – Oct. 28th

Super You Me Rave EDM

Although this event is hosted by Insomniac, it truly belongs to Laidback Luke.  Laidback Luke has been hosting his superhero themed “Super You & Me” parties all over the world for almost ten years now, even completely taking over entire stages at some of the world’s largest festivals like Tomorrowland, Brazil.  The fact that this event is always superhero themed makes it perfectly suited to be a more light-hearted Halloween rave adventure.  Rinse & Repeat master himself, Riton, is also performing at the party, along with Tujamo.
– Super You & Me Facebook
– Super You & Me Website
– Laidback Luke Youtube

#2 Freaky Deaky – Bridgeview, Il – Oct. 28th, 29th, & 30th

Out of all of the EDM Halloween festivals this year, Freaky Deaky has the most well-rounded line-up, featuring DJ Snake, Bro Safari, and even DJ Khaled.  React has proven itself time and time again to be able to throw an absolutely amazing event, thus making Freaky Deaky a raver’s top priority on Halloween.
– Freaky Deaky Facebook
– Freaky Deaky Homepage
– React Presents Youtube

#1 Freak Night – Seattle – October 28th & 29th

If you are in the Northwest then you will definitely want to lace up your rave gloves and make Freak Night your destination on Halloween.  Freak Night takes place at the Tacoma Dome, which can hold 23,000 people, so expect this Halloween rave to be massive.  The headliners for this festival include Martin Garrix, Zedd, and Flux Pavilion.
– Freak Night Facebook
– Freak Night Website
– USC Events Youtube
Is there a Halloween EDM festival or rave that you think we missed on our list?  Let us know in the comment section!

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