GloFX Partners with Challenger Space Center to Benefit Children’s Education


GloFX is proud to announce our new partnership with the Challenger Space Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching children about the wonderful world of science. We’ve provided their team with our Ultimate Diffraction Glasses so that kids can learn about the nature of light by experiencing the process of light diffraction with their own eyes.

This application of Diffraction Glasses demonstrates their value not only in the rave scene but in the scientific community as well.

How Diffraction Works

The process of diffraction involves light passing through microscopic openings engraved into our Diffraction Glasses lens using high-powered lasers. Upon entering, the light spreads out across an imaginary plane, but not without first splitting into prismatic beams that radiate from a center point relative to the location of the light source in your environment.


What you see are the individual wavelengths of each color that is present in the light passing through your Diffraction Glasses. This produces the rainbow-patterned shapes that appear every time you look at a stage through your Diffraction Glasses. To make it more interesting, we’ve designed Diffraction Glasses with different types of effects that change the way you perceive the light.

GloFX Glasses - Diffraction Effects

The aesthetic properties of light diffraction have made our Diffraction Glasses popular accessory to ravers who go to EDM festivals and like to see the stage lights at night. However, these same effects are a perfect representation of the physics behind how they work.

Toss on a pair of Diffraction Glasses and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

Two Worlds Collide

We are excited to see where our partnership with the Challenger Space Center takes us. It’s amazing to be able to witness two industries that have previously had no relation to one another merge together in order to benefit children. Now that Diffraction Glasses have found a home in science laboratories, other types of visionary eyewear such as our Kaleidoscope Glasses might follow in its path.

best-kaleidoscope-glasses-glofxWe hope more of our products will be used for educational purposes in the future, such as our line of laser devices and which feature high-intensity beams that change patterns with the just the twist of a cap.

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