Top 5 Most Viral EDM Moments of 2016


It’s been an eventful year for EDM news and the EDM festival community. Whether it’s a DJ who has gone into retirement, or a festival that was mistaken for an earthquake it seems like there is always something to talk about within EDM culture. If you happened to miss hearing about these major EDM news events, we’ve got you covered. Below is our pick of the top 5 most viral EDM moments of 2016.

1. Tiesto’s Legendary Troll at EDC

We’ve all heard about DJs who perform under alternate aliases. This phenomenon has created new gossip trends for fans to chatter about what their true identity is. One DJ in particular thought it would be funny to prank an entire festival by pretending to be someone else on stage. When Tiesto’s face appeared from the iconic Marshmello mask commotion ensued across the globe, making headlines in EDM news just about everywhere.

2. Skrillex Gets Accused of Music Thievery

There’s always that one artist who accuses another artist of copying their music. Apparently, if a track contains a sample from another song, it’s considered stealing. Whether or not you agree with this, one artist created a media storm by threatening one of EDM’s most popular DJs with a lawsuit.

For quite some time, Skrillex was the subject of EDM news for being accused of stealing from the Indie music group White Hinterland. A sample of one of their songs appeared on the Skrillex and Justin Bieber collaboration “Sorry.” The irony of this is captured in a tweet made by Skrillex proving to the public that his work is and will always be original, despite working off the ideas and elements of pre-existing tracks.

“SORRY but we didn’t steal this,”


3. Bassnectar’s Ground-Trembling Colorado Festival

When you think of the word “bass” in a musical context, one artist in particular usually comes to mind. Bassnectar has made an impressive name for himself through his exploration of the sensorial properties of bass frequencies. He’s cultivated a mass following of bass-craving enthusiasts who go as far as to travel country-wide in order to experience his live concerts. However, the love for vibrational sensations aren’t as universal as you would think.

This past summer, Bassnectar hosted his own curated festival that took place in Colorado. Inside the grounds of Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, fans were treated with heavy sounds that blasted noise miles past the venue. Outside of the event, the reactions were not the same. Angry Colorado residents complained about the festival, but not without first believing it to be an earthquake. In my eyes, that’s about the greatest compliment you could ever give a bass music producer.


4. Avicii’s Retirement from EDM 


When a well-known artist announces the end of a music career, it’s not something to treat lightly in EDM news.

Avicii’s retirement from touring came as a huge shock to fans around the world. During his 2016 tour, he claimed it to be his last tour as an EDM artist due to health issues.

 Since then, he’s received immense support from fans, peers, and colleagues alike, and he seems to be enjoying the freedom of having an open schedule.


5. Getter’s Message to Local Openers


Getting to open for a headliner is one of the biggest opportunities up-and-coming DJs can get. The overall experience of the show is highly dependent on this progression, and according to Getter, tours get ruined by local openers who don’t understand this.

In a Twitter rant, Getter expressed his frustration towards local openers who don’t know their place in a tour lineup.

This further developed into a beef between Getter and two heavyweight dubstep producers, Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Megalodon, who criticized Getter for being arrogant.

This became the center of attention in EDM news once fans began to side with their musical idols and join in on the trash-talking. Eventually, the conflict dissipated and ended with Getter apologizing for his earlier statements.


Did we miss a viral moment that you think should be on the list? Comment below and let us know!

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