Lux Series: Enter the World of Luxurious Flow

Lux Series LED Flow Props

Brighter.  Better.  Faster.  Stronger.

Coming 8.08.16

Over 365 days in the making, the Lux series has been designed from the ground up to revolutionize your flow.  We dropped our industry-defining Space Saber product line just three months ago, and we will once again be unveiling an entirely new line of flow products on the 8th of August.  The Lux Series is not just a singular product; it is an entire conglomeration of flow props that have been engineered from scratch by industry professionals.

The Flow Community is one of the most appreciated parts of rave culture and it is growing faster than ever. With the launch of Lux, GloFX has completely redesigned Rave Gloves and LED Orbits from the ground up.  The concepts behind the Lux Orbit and Lux 360 Orbit will define what the user can do with their props. This will allow Flow Artists to take their performances to a whole new level. No longer do you have to watch others create the light show – now you can be the light show.

Meet the Lux Series

The Lux series will initially be launched as four products; The Lux Light, The Lux Orbit, The Lux 360 Orbit, and the Lux Glove Set.  Each of these products has been painstakingly created by GloFX’s engineering and development team, and every one is optimized to allow for maximum performance.

The Lux Light

The Lux Light is the pinnacle of LED technology.  Powered by a custom microchip, the Lux Light features onboard memory and allows the user to select a color scheme from nearly 1,000,000 color combinations and variations.  The Lux Light can either cycle through nine versatile mode patterns, or you can find the mode that you deem perfect and set your Lux Light to 1-mode functionality so your perfect color set is always ready.

The onboard memory allows the LEDs found in your Lux Light to “save” your favorite color pattern without fear of them ever being lost…even if you remove the batteries!  You can immediately return to your favorite settings with only one click, even when in the nine mode selection.  This fabulously brilliant LED light has a battery life of 10-20 hours depending on what mode you have selected, so you will have plenty of juice during a marathon EDM festival!
GloFX Lux Microlight


The Lux Glove Set

The Lux Glove Set is the absolute apex of gloving.  Each individual LED in each finger and thumb tip is color-customizable, featuring twelve colors and nine modes.  The Lux Glove Set is powered by ten Lux Lights, each outfitted with virtually indestructible Polycarbonate Lux Casings and Dome LED Diffusers. Possibly the best feature is the industry-changing contoured shape. The Lux Light actually grabs your fingers to stay in place.

The Lux Glove Set features pure-white super-stretch gloves, allowing them to fit the hands of nearly any flow artist.  The Lux Glove Set produces light trails like no other. And of course, like all Lux products, the Lux Glove Set has unbelievable battery life.

Lux EDM Gloves

The Lux Orbit & Lux Orbit 360

These aren’t your Grandpa’s Orbits.  The Lux Orbit and Orbit 360 are both housed within a virtually indestructible Polycarbonate “Ion” shell. Polycarbonate is the hardest material available on the Orbit market, and is lightyears ahead of cheap ABS plastics when it comes to durability. This is the same material that is used to make Police Shields. Trust us – THIS STUFF IS TOUGH.

The clear outer shell contrasts the inner black mid-section perfectly, allowing the Lux Lights in these Orbits to produce well-defined, crisp trails of light. We would argue them to be the absolute most crisp trails of any orbit.

The Ion housing even lets each Flow Artist chose their LED position: inward or outward.  Thus producing: Outer-ring only, Inner-ring only, or the wicked dual-orbit ring!  The GloFX dual-orbit ring was conceptualized in mid 2015 and took nearly a year to perfect. This removable, durable ring prevents tangles, protects your LED’s and allows for all types of flares and off-body moves.

The Ion housing also features Pro-Click switches for easy mode changing and color selection on each of the four LEDs.

Both the Lux Orbit and Lux Orbit 360 are professional Dual Orbits, and the Lux Orbit can be upgraded to an Orbit 360 by purchasing the outer ring separately.  Powered by four Lux Lights and equipped with T2-Handles with Satin leashes, these Orbits spin circles around the competition!

GloFX Lux Series LED Orbit and LED Gloves

Officially Launching August 8th

The Lux Series will be available through starting 8/08/2016.  GloFX is committed to bringing you only the highest quality LED props. The Lux series will redefine what users expect from their LED gear and provide a true full circle experience. From the entire staff in the GloFX Lab, our engineers, research staff, and flow teams – we cannot wait to show you what we have been cooking up for the last 12 months!

Learn more about the wonderful experience of flow arts at The Rage!  

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