The Top 5 Underground EDM Anthems of the Summer

EDM Festival Rave

Every summer there are EDM anthems that get played over and over again at the main stage of festivals.  These anthems drive tons of Spotify and radio plays, but the biggest EDM artists are constantly putting out new material.  These underground anthems are often the songs that end up being “filler” tracks in superstar DJ’s sets, or the tracks that you hear on the smaller stages at massive festivals.

While these tracks never reach the popularity of hit anthems, they undoubtedly serve an extremely important purpose, and that is to keep festival goers and ravers on their feet into the wee hours of the morning.  A lot of these tracks might be produced by huge name producers, but they might be a little “hard” for the radio, or not feature vocals.

The Rage has put together what it considers the Top 5 “would-be” or underground anthems for the 2016 Summer EDM season.

5.  Snails & Pegboard Nerds – Deep in the Night

Snails has really hit it big with his signature sound over the last couple of years, and he is constantly putting out new material on major EDM labels like Monster Cat, and for free on his Soundcloud.  Expect to hear his collaboration with Pegboard Nerds all over the place towards the end of the summer and well into the fall.

4. Duke Dumont – Worship

With ACTUAL techno and house being on a rise in popularity amongst younger EDM fans, Duke Dumont has definitely been definitely been in the right place at the right time.  He is well known for his hits that have more of a pop sensibility about them, but this track shows a more serious side of Dumont.  This track bangs.

3. Garmiani – Bomb A Drop

Once again, we have a total banger of a track from a relatively unknown producer on Aoki’s label Dim Mak.  While the motifs in this song have become a bit overplayed the last year or so, it makes the crowd go absolutely insane on the drop.  This one is aptly named for sure.

2. Getter – Wat the Frick

Sometimes, the best remixer for a track is its own creator.  That is definitely the case with Getter’s “Wat the Frick.”  This version of the track has been popping up in Getter’s DJ sets all summer during the “Wat the Frick” tour, but now it is available for everyone to download for free on his Soundcloud.

1. Steve Aoki & Shaun Frank

This song takes you back to a time of a different Steve Aoki, an Aoki that had a dirtier more underground sound.  This track was definitely Shaun Frank’s moment to shine, and he did just that.

Is there a song that you think should have been on our list?  Let us know in the comments section!

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