The Ultimate Guide to Diffraction Glasses

The Ultimate Guide to Diffraction Glasses

In the past, watching light shows was based on quantity, not quality. You looked at the different colors, and saw what everyone else saw. It was the same ritual process. Today, it’s a different ball game, thanks to diffraction.

The rainbow of colors you see during a light show are the result of diffraction. Now, there is way to get your own experience while attending EDM concerts or light shows to see lights in a whole new way.

Diffraction glasses transform the old experience of seeing lights the same way that everyone else does, to now giving you your own custom light show.

I’ll give you the ultimate guide to diffraction glasses. This is especially helpful for those who have never used the glasses.

1. What is Diffraction?

Diffraction is defined as the slight bending of light as it passes around the edge of an object. The amount of bending depends on the relative size of the wavelength of light to the size of the opening.

As the light passes through a grating, each beam of light is split into an individual spectrum of colors turning white light into a full rainbow spectrum.

The history of diffraction goes back 300 years ago, when Sir Isaac Newton observed a beam of sunlight pass through a glass prism.

What he discovered is that light is made up of a spectrum ranging from 7 different visible colors. This is the exact same visible spectrum that you see when wearing diffraction glasses today!

During this time, a man by the name of Francesco Maria Grimaldi, also observed and characterized what would soon be known as light diffraction.

Francesco is recognized for creating the term “diffraction,” from the Latin word “diffringere,” ‘to break into pieces.’

Imagine looking at hundreds of lights while wearing diffraction glasses and you can understand why they’ve become so popular.

2. How Do Diffraction Glasses Work?

How Diffraction Glasses Work

When you look through diffraction glasses, you are looking through a piece of material called diffraction grating.

This grating is a piece of plastic that has small openings which is usually very narrow and closely spaced to each other.

When light passes through these openings, it bends by an amount dependent on the type of light. For example, red light bends more than yellow light.

When white light enters a diffraction grating, it separates into its fundamental colors. These colors are the same as the spectrum of colors you see in a rainbow.

You’ve probably have seen this on CD’s and DVD’s. When you look at a disc, you see a rainbow of colors. This is caused by the incoming light hitting it, and then being diffracted into its different constituent colors.

Different light sources produce different color breakdowns. For example, the spectrum produced by an incandescent light is different from the spectrum produced by a fluorescent light.

An object can reveal interesting information about itself based on the spectrum of colors it produces when the light it emits passes through a diffraction grating.

For example, you can determine how hot the object is, how fast it’s moving, or what it’s made of. When looking at objects, such as distant stars, this kind of information can be very useful.

3. What Are Diffraction Glasses Used For?

Diffraction glasses are used for a variety of reasons and serve multiple purposes.  Diffraction occurs every day without us even knowing. Some of the many activities these glasses are used for include:

  • Fireworks
  • Science class and learning the study of light waves
  • Music festivals/carnivals
  • Holiday and Christmas lights
  • Light shows
  • Watching TV/3D movies
  • Lasers

Even though these activities are the most popular reasons diffraction glasses are worn, make sure to try other reasons to wear them as well.

EDM festivals are an especially great event to wear diffraction glasses to. The  variety of lights shining during the shows often attracts people who are rolling due to the euphoric feeling the LED lights can give them. Diffraction glasses change the way the lights look, blurring your vision while giving everything a trippy feeling.

4. What Style of Glasses Are There?

There are several types of designs for different experiences. Each pair is based on the user’s preference and desire of what they want to experience when wearing the glasses. Below are lists of different style glasses.

  • Standard: This style features a single layer of rainbow light grating in a traditional plastic frame.
  • Ultimate: Often times called “Double Diffraction”. These frames actually feature about 30% more light grating and come in a variety of frame colors from black to neon and glow in the dark.  Also available in tinted and auburn enhanced lenses to amplify your experience even more. The name “Ultimate” stems from their virtually indestructible frame and lenses.
  • Matrix: These are what we consider quadruple diffraction. They have twice the effect of Ultimate glasses creating an immersive prismatic experience.  The high quality makes these arguably the best option. These trippy glasses take your experience to the next level.
  • Flip Ups: This variety of Flip Frame glasses all feature 3D or light grating lenses, or a combination of both. Some feature different effects such as spiral diffraction, matrix, or 3Diffraction (3D+light grating).
  • Specialty: This category of glasses features Ultimate lenses in an array of cool frames such as foldable diffraction glasses, heart frames, kitty cat frames, and more! Some also utilize spiral diffraction or other special effects lenses.
  • Cardboard: These custom manufactured paper diffraction glasses are a low cost version of hard plastic rave glasses. Excellent for buying in bulk for all of your friends, a birthday party, or promotional use!
  • Customizable: We offer Ultimate and Flip-Up prism glasses in a variety of customizable frame and lens colors. Build your own customizable diffraction glasses. In addition, we manufacture all of our shades and offer wholesalers OEM manufacturing. Meaning that in bulk you can customize, custom print, and buy custom-branded wholesale diffraction glasses.

5. What Kind of Effects Do Diffraction Glasses Provide?

So, now that you know how diffraction glasses work and the various styles, you may be thinking, what kind of effects will these glasses provide? Don’t worry we have you covered.

There are various effects the glasses can provide a user with, that’s what makes them so great! Just remember, diffraction means light grating. Depending on the user’s preference, there are lists of options.

  • Standard: The standard effect provides a single layer of rainbow. Not as extreme, but still gives you the opportunity to have the experience.
  • Ultimate: With double diffraction, this allows users to have the “ultimate” experience.
  • Matrix/Extreme: Twice the effect of Ultimate glasses, creating an immersive prismatic experience. The high quality makes these arguably the best option.
  • Spiral: While looking through your glasses, the spiral effect will leave you with the ultimate trippy experience.
  • 3D: Taking things from boring to extraordinary, 3D effects in your glasses are  sure enhance your time while wearing them.
  • Stars: Take the familiarity of looking at lasers and lights, and improve it by incorporating stars. Sounds awesome, right? That’s exactly what the star effect is.
  • Hearts: This is pretty self-explanatory, fall in love even more while looking at lighting by having the hearts effect.

Diffraction Glasses Comparison Chart

Diffraction is a part of our everyday life without notice. This is why diffraction glasses are becoming so popular.

There are variety of styles and effects for the glasses, serving different users wants and needs. But knowing when and how to use them can be extremely beneficial to wearing them.

EDM concerts, raves and light shows are great places to wear your glasses. They allow you to get that “trippy” feeling you want to experience while at an EDM concert.

Your overall focus should really be soaking in the moment when wearing them, so you’re able to get the overall experience.

So get out there, have some fun and see the world in a whole new way with diffraction glasses!

Share a favorite moment you had while wearing diffraction glasses or get a pair today. 

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