The Top 10 Essential Items to Bring to Your Next EDM Festival

Rave Festival

We are well into the depths of festival season, and while you might have already done your research on which EDM festival has the best lineup, you might not be thinking about all the items you need in order to make it through the entire event in one piece. Before you immerse yourself in the complete EDM festival experience, don’t forget these essentials to stay prepared without missing a single sick drop.

10. Water

Music Festival Water Bottle

This might seem like an obvious item to bring with you, but we have decided to include it anyway because it is definitely one of the the most important. When you are raving and dancing all day and night at Electric Zoo this year you might be unaware of just how dehydrated you’re becoming.  A reusable water bottle is absolutely clutch, and while most festivals aren’t going to actually let you bring in water itself, there should almost always be areas in the festival to re-fill a water bottle.

If you think holding a water bottle during an act is inconvenient, a quick fix is to bring a soft, collapsible water bottle that can be rolled up for easy storage in your fanny pack.

9. Tent

EDM Festival Tents

A lot of festivals feature the option to camp, and tents come in all different shapes in sizes.  You absolutely do not want to skimp on your temporary weekend domicile, as it will be your sanctuary and place of rest when you aren’t raging in front of the main stage.  A quality tent will keep your clothes dry, your rave gear & diffraction glasses safe, and your body well rested. The bigger the better when it comes to your tent at a festival because you will want to be able to house things like a blow up mattress and still have plenty of room for you and all your friends to hang out comfortably.

8. Hammock


The often overlooked hammock can be a festival-goer’s best friend on those multi-day camping festivals like Paradiso.  Think of the hammock as the perfect supplement to that amazing tent that you brought to your massive outdoor rave.  While your tent is where you will want to create your home away from home, your hammock will give you that place to chill while you lay in the sun and listen to the main stage from afar.

7. Portable Phone Charger

Festival Phone Charger

If you aren’t wanting to go “off the grid” all weekend it’s a good idea to bring all the necessary charging and battery accessories.  Outlets can be few and far between at a lot of festivals, especially if you don’t have VIP access.  Bringing an external battery charger can prove to be absolutely crucial, as most music festivals start in the afternoon and go into the wee hours of the morning.  Don’t regret not being able to get in touch with your friends just because you forgot to bring a charger.  Not to mention – portable chargers are perfect for keeping your rechargeable LED Poi lit all weekend! This is also an item that your friends could end up being very appreciative of you having.  You just might end up being someone’s hero over the weekend.

6. Lighter
Zippo Lighter

Lighters come in all shapes, sizes, and varying degrees of quality but a good lighter is something you will not want to skimp on.  If you are at a lengthy festival where you are camping such as a Bonnaroo, a lighter can be used to start a fire, or assist you in cooking.  Even at a non-camping festival like Hard Summer, a lighter can end up being very handy because you never know when you or your friends will want to take a break from raving and enjoy a smoke.  

5. Hoody or Jacket

Owsla Dubstep Jacket

While it can be blazing hot during the time at an EDM festival, once the sun goes down it can get pretty cold depending on what part of the country you are in.  A jacket is great for storing and carrying your festival essentials like rave gloves, cash, water, or whatever else you might need to store away. It is better to be safe than sorry by bringing a hoodie or jacket along with you.  Wearing a hoodie or jacket is also a great way to make a fashion statement; pretty much every major EDM label like Oswla and Mad Decent sell hoodies and jackets in their merch stores.  Use this item as a way to show your friends how great your taste in music is!

4. Hat/Beanie/Spirit Hoodie

Rave Hat

A hat or beanie cam be one of the most deceptively utilitarian items you can bring to a music festival, and can serve as much more than just a fashion accessory. A hat can be used to protect yourself from the suns harmful rays by acting as a physical sunblock.  This item, much like the aforementioned jacket or hoodie can also be a way for your support one of your favorite EDM artists. Some fur hoods even light up and glow!

3. Glow Sticks

Glow Stick Rave

Glow sticks can serve more than one purpose as well.  While they might possibly be the most ubiquitous accessory for raving, they can also serve as sort of a “torch” when it is dark and help you find your way back to your campsite or your car.  Glow sticks can be bought cheaply in bulk so you will want to stock up on 25, 50, or maybe even a hundred, so you can share the wealth with your friends. There are also LED Glow Stick versions that may be brighter or last longer. Either way you go, glow sticks can be an essential part of your next EDM Festival.

2. Extra Cash

Extra Cash

Set your cash out the night before the festival and don’t use more than what you plan to on merchandise, snacks, etc. While the festival may have ATMs on-site, there is usually a charge for use, as well as a mile-long line. Stick to your budget and carry extra cash in case of emergencies.  Tip: Try to carry this somewhere where you don’t keep any of your other forms of payment.  If you have your wallet in your back pocket, then put your cash in your front pocket.  That way if you misplace one, you still have the other.  The last thing you want to happen is for your festival experience to be ruined because you don’t access to your money. You will regret not being able to buy a pair of diffraction glasses from the merch tent before the headlining act!

1. A Change of Clothes

Rave Clothing

This item will probably be the least likely to get used out of all the items on this list, but if you do need to use it you will be extremely thankful that you brought it with you.  Music festivals can be unpredictable and you never know when you might get absolutely soaked or incredibly dirty.  A change of clothes could transform a miserable experience into one that is easily manageable. Make sure to pack properly for your next rave or EDM Festival.

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