GloFX EL Wire Transforms Anything Into Rave Gear!


EL Wire is the ultimate rave accessory for the DIY festival-goer.  You can make literally anything glow with EL Wire, it’s flexible and incredibly easy to install which makes it perfects for glasses, backpacks, dresses, shoes, etc.  The coolest feature of EL Wire is its ability to strobe in sync with music via an attached power inverter.  The power inverter that comes with the El Wire has multiple sensitivity settings so if it can strobe properly whether you are right in front of a loud main stage, or listening to music in a quieter more intimate setting.

The true beauty of the EL Wire is its flexibility.  EL Wire can be attached to literally anything, and turn the most mundane items in something that glows excitingly.  With a wide variety of colors and strobing options the creative possibilities of the EL Wire are endless.  Let us know what you will attach your EL Wire to in the comments section below.  Shop for El Wire today!

EDM Rave Glasses


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