Announcing Lux

GloFX - Announcing Lux Series Header

We are ecstatic to announce the launch of a highly anticipated new product line, The Lux Series. The Lux Series introduces the highest level of LED Flow Art props ever produced by GloFX. 100% new technology and over a year in development promises great things for this esteemed new line.

The GloFX product development staff works day-in and day-out to bring you the most revolutionary rave and festival gear imaginable. Our research team, engineers, and manufacturing specialists have worked countless hours, weeks, and months to create the Lux Series. In Latin, Lux means “a unit of illumination,” and this new line is aimed at light loving aficionados and flow art enthusiasts who crave the the newest and most elite products.

In May of this year, we launched our industry-defining new line of Space Fiber products, Space Sabers.  We haven’t stopped there though, in the next few weeks we will be launching an entire new line of products, The Lux Series.  The GloFX “Lux Series” will encompass multiple products from different categories, and much like Space Sabers, they will completely redefine what ravers expect from their props. There is talk that the first products to be expected will include the Lux Orbit, Lux Microlight, and Lux Glove Set. While we can’t give away too many details at the moment, one thing is certain…The Lux Series is set to be the most premium line of glow products of 2016.

Be sure to check back with The Rage and frequently over the next few weeks to stay informed about this exciting new product launch!


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