Introducing GloFX Space Sabers


Redefining the Art of Flow

After many months of research and development, GloFX has launched its newest line of flow art products, LED Fiber Optic Space Sabers. Space Sabers are a new addition to the Made in the USA Space Fiber series.  GloFX is committed to pushing the boundaries when it comes to developing flow and poi, and this is evident with the creation of the new Space Saber Series. Engineered completely from scratch, The Space Saber is not just a new take on an existing product.  The Space Saber is primed to completely change the game when it comes to rave gear, exploiting the movement of your entire body as opposed to just your hands.  Space Sabers allow you to interact with the physical world in a way that was previously unattainable. Space Sabers are designed and manufactured in Tallahassee, FL USA.

Flow arts are one of the most appreciated parts of rave culture, with poi and hooping being two of the most popular forms. Space Sabers are the ultimate flow prop, allowing the artist to stand out from these usual forms.  With four models that are all completely customizable down to the type of handle, blade length and fiber type, there is a Space Saber that will meet the needs of every flow artist’s performance.

Models, Modes and Options

The Space Saber comes in four base models;  Staff, Blade, Baton, and Poi Set.  Each of these models has been meticulously designed by GloFX’s engineers to be weighted in a manner that allows them to be easily manipulated while performing.  Each model has a conveniently placed button on the powerhouse that instantly changes the color and pattern of the blade, granting you the ability to add a different dimension to each of your performances.  In addition to the twelve different color options, you also have access to three different design patterns; Solid, Strobe, and Flashing.  To cycle to the next mode of The Space Saber, simply press the button on the handle.  The chart below breaks down each of the different modes for you.

Space Saber Rave Chart

Stribbon technology features a combination of a strobe and a ribbon in the same color pattern.  The eleventh mode of the Space Saber, “Color Fade”, rotates the blade through each available color.  This allows the flow artist to cycle through each color while focusing their full attention on their body movements.   On the other hand, the “Full Spectrum Fantasy” mode cycles through each color and a combination of strobe, ribbon, stribbon, and color-changing effects.

Powerhouse Handle

GloFX Space Saber

A high powered, battery operated, LED Powerhouse is stored in each Space Saber’s robust, machined-aluminum handle.  Mode selection is accessible from the handle, and the master on/off switch is conveniently located in the cutout of the handle.  To cycle through the colors, press the function button near each end of the handle.  These buttons rotate each end of the saber through their many color options allowing for a completely separate color cycle on each blade.  Available in both silver and onyx, our engineers have designed a flawless contoured grip, ensuring that you will never lose control of your flow.

Fiber type


With each Space Saber, you have the option of selecting between two different fiber optics contained within the blade; thick single 16mm fiber optics that create a solid blade, or much lighter 1.5 mm fiber optics strands that can create a sick “trailing” effect similar to that found in GloFX Space Whips.  Each of these fiber types are perfect for performing at your next EDM festival.


The Four Models

1. Staff

GloFX Space Saber Staff

The Staff, like all Space Sabers, contains the highest quality fiber-optics and parts.  The largest Staff option comes to a total of five feet, where the medium staff option comes in at 4-feet, and the smallest at 3-feet.  The Staff is the MacDaddy of The Space Saber line, featuring sabers on both ends of the Powerhouse handle.  The modes of each blade of The Staff are independently adjustable, making this Space Saber one of the most versatile.  Other spinners simply cannot compete with the awesomeness contained in the power of The Space Saber Staff.

2. Blade

GloFX Space Saber Blade

While The Space Saber Blade might seem simple, GloFX designed it with durability in mind.  With a single-sided blade that comes in 36 inches, 24 inches and 18 inches, this model allows for a heightened sense of control and ease of movement.  The Space Saber Blade is one of GloFX’s best-selling models and for good reason.  The simple and ergonomic design makes performing with this model a cinch, and still features all of the standout features of GloFX’s other models, ensuring that you will surely captivate onlookers at your next EDM festival.

3. Baton

Rave Baton GloFX Festival

The Space Saber Baton is the smallest of the Space Saber models, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it is not capable of a full-fledge performance at your next EDM festival or rave.  The handle of the Baton is slightly smaller than any of the other models as well, coming in at just 6 inches.  The Space Saber Baton’s minute stature results in it being the most portable, making it easy to throw into your bag when you pack for your next event.  The diminutive size of this Space Saber also means that it can manipulated in a tighter radius, allowing for quicker rotations during your routine.  Of course, this model features the full array of color and fiber options just like the other Space Saber models.

4. Poi Set

Space Saber Poi Set

Perhaps the most interesting of GloFX’s newly designed Space Saber line is the customizable Fiber Optic Poi Set.  Forget spinning two LED balls, GloFX has taken it to the next level by allowing ravers to spin two Space Saber Batons, linked to each other by a durable chain and comfortable double loop handles.  Featuring two independent powerhouses, this model much like the Staff can cycle through each mode separately, doubling the amount of color variations you can incorporate into your performance.  This set comes out to over four feet long when including the blade, handle, and chain.

A lot of time, blood, sweat and tears went into developing The Space Saber, and this hard work has paid off.  GloFX has created a product that completely redefines the concept of what flows artists and ravers expect from their flow toys.  Each Space Saber is handcrafted right here in the USA, and features a Lifetime Warranty.

The number of models and options to choose from can definitely seem daunting, but have no fear, we have put together a convenient comparison chart to help you choose which model is the best for you.

GloFX Space Saber Chart

Ready to enter the next dimension in flow? Shop the full line of GloFX Space Sabers.

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