Congratulations GloFX 2019 Scholarship Winner!

College Scholarship Winner

Every year, GloFX creates a college scholarship for up-and-coming students to have the chance to win financial aid money. GloFX values young adults on their pursuit of knowledge and education, and we love to be able to help alleviate tuition burdens when we can! This year, we asked submitters to complete a project following this prompt:

Create a small business and tell us what service/products it offers. Explain some key components of your business. its core values, and how you would plan on giving back to the community through your business.

We got some great responses, and we saw how willing and able this generation is to help others. Their desire to make the world a better place is unshakable!

Our scholarship winner for 2019 created a well-thought out and impactful plan for the future chiropractic business she hopes to name “A to Z Chiropractic”. She plans to offer natural alternatives to pain treatment and management outside that of traditional, over-the-counter medicine.

Congratulations to Alli Totzke for her stellar project and for winning the scholarship of $500! Alli currently attends the National University of Health and Sciences in Lombard, Illinois and works as a chiropractic assistant. It was clear Alli put a lot of work into this project and brought forth creative marketing strategies geared toward her target audience as well as a full pricing plan of items she plans to use.

Below is a slide pulled from her project exhibiting her pricing menu:

Alli Totzke Scholarship Screenshot

Best of luck to you Alli, and congratulations again!

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