Space Whip Remix: What’s the Difference?

The Space Whip Remix is FINALLY out, and we know that comes with some questions. Most importantly, what’s new about it and what are the differences between the Space Whip Pro (the old model) and the Remix?

In this article, we will be digging deep. What’s actually different about the Space Whip Remix?

The Hardware

We’ll start with the outside, focusing more on how it looks and how it feels. What makes it better than the Space Whip Pro?

Shape & Enhanced Durability

Along with changing the whip’s black color to an anodized gunmetal finish, we’ve also changed the shape of the powerhouse. The old whip had a cylindrical shape, but the new Remix now has a lighter, smaller, flared design as shown below. This means that the powerhouse gradually becomes wider at the end engineered for ease of grip.

Additionally, we here at GloFX are familiar with attempting new tricks. It can be tricky and bulky, but not anymore! The Remix now is lighter allowing for easier flow and trick practice. And now with a more durable design, you no longer have to worry about seriously damaging your whip while trying out something new!

Change Fiber Heads Easily

Don’t get us wrong; you could change the fiber heads on the Pro too. It was just a hassle. Now, changing the fiber head is easier than ever! You simply twist off the top; no tool required!

The Button

Have you ever accidentally turned off the power while whipping? Don’t worry – we fixed that. Now the powerhouse’s low profile button design makes it more difficult to accidentally switch on and off. Never worry about an accidental button press messing up your flow again!

Sparkle Fibers

All Space Whips come with 130 + individual .75mm soft fibers for maximum glow, and the Remix is no different. However, there’s something else… We are re-introducing Sparkle Fibers! They’re back by popular demand!

These fibers have pinpoints of LED light throughout each strand, to create a sparkling effect. We engineered these by making small divots in the fibers, allowing the LED light to escape before the tip of the fiber. Wondering which fibers to get?

Sparkle Fibers:

  • more pinpoints of light creating a twinkling effect
  • tips of fibers are dimmer

End Glow Fibers (Regular):

  • more durable
  • tips of fibers are extremely bright (as seen below)
GloFX Space Whip Remix Gallery 3

But remember, you don’t have to choose one or the other! You can buy one Remix and get the fiber heads for another! You can have the best of both worlds.

Want to try Sparkle Fiber heads? CLICK HERE

Want to try the End Glow Fiber heads? CLICK HERE

Poi Set and Double Remix Variations

With the Space Whip Remix comes more exciting variations. This includes the Space Whip Remix Poi Set and Double Space Whip Remix! Both come with impressive new features.

Over the years we’ve heard people say that they wish the poi handles weren’t on the edges of the powerhouses, and we listened! Introducing the new centralized poi handle on Space Whips!

We replaced the second button on the bottom of the powerhouse with the new, centered connector location. Finally, find your equilibrium as you flow through the night!

See the Space Whip Remix Poi Set HERE.

The Double Space Whip Remix also comes with new features and performs the ultimate transformation. It can turn from one Space Whip into two and then back again! How can it do this? With a threaded connector.

With this all new design, it has never been easier to link the two whips together!

Try out the Double Space Whip Remix HERE.

New WhipGripz

This new whip also comes with a new WhipGrip! This grip wraps snuggly around the powerhouse for maximum hand comfort and protection. Plus, it’s black foam is thicker than previous models for the ultimate cushion!

GloFX Foam WhipGripz Gallery

To see what else WhipGripz have to offer, CLICK HERE.

The Technology

Now to the heart of the Space Whip Remix! See what we did to improve the whip fundamentals.

Exciting New Colors & Programs

What’s one of the coolest new features of the Space Whip Remix you ask? We would have to say it’s the whip’s new Rainbow Modes! There are 18 different Light Modes to choose from on the whip, and 5 of these are a brilliant rainbow of colors! Rainbow modes make effects such as this:

GloFX Space Whip Remix Featured Image

This Remix also introduces Color Sets! You can now have 5 saved color patterns in the Remix’s memory. Choose from 35 new colors and create your favorite combinations. Save them, and never struggle to program again! Just power up and go.

Want to see the Light Modes, colors, and Color Sets? CLICK HERE

New Lock Feature

Now there is a way to lock your Space Whip! Many instances were brought to our attention regarding the Space Whip Pro powering on inside bags and during travel. Consequentially, when the user went to flow with it, it would be dead. Now, you never have to worry! Put your lock on and save that battery life.

Battery Upgrades

Make way for a new battery! This battery is rechargeable and included in the standard Remix price along with a USB charger.

Reusing batteries is better for your pocket and the environment. The less you buy AAA batteries (what the old whip required), the less money you spend. And it prevents batteries going into landfills!

GloFX Space Whip Remix Gallery 4

We want your whip experience to be the best it possibly can be, so we are keeping the lifetime warranty, the 30-day promise, and its water-resistant qualities. From all of us here at GloFX, we are so excited to show you what we’ve been working on for over a year! Don’t forget to try out other variations of the Remix

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