Top 10 Festival Outfits for the Holiday Season

10 Festival Outfits for the Holiday Season Feature Image

Tis’ the season for cold weather and Christmas sweaters… unless you are a rave babe heading to an EDM festival. While it may be chilly outside you still need to be able to showcase your festival style underneath those fur coats and hats.

If you are attending Snowglobe, Electric Christmas or any other shows in the coming months, we are assuring you that the 10 outfit inspirations ahead will definitely match festival trends and make it on to your wish list.

These 10 holiday festival outfits are fun, festive, and flirty; a perfect way to finish off the year!

1) Santa Baby

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In this Mrs. Claus inspired outfit you’ll be stepping up your fashion game and spreading your own Christmas cheer. Try not to make Santa jealous with all the attention headed your way.

2) Snow Angel

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Descend from the sky and bring joy to the world as a sweet and sexy angel of the night. You will be the perfect topper for any Christmas tree this year.

3) Santa’s Little Helper

Santa’s helpers usually don’t get a night off during the holiday rush, but once all the presents are out it is your time to play!

4) Frosty the Snowman

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Rock this snowman onesie with some fluffies and you will melt everyone’s hearts. While Frosty only comes around once a year, we are excited you will still be around after the snow is gone.

5) Candy Cane Cuite

Sweet but Twisted; be a peppermint treat for anyone who crosses your path this Christmas.

6) Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Warm up a cold winter night with this bra and matching skirt. In this ensemble you will be the queen of your own winter wonderland.

7) Bad Santa

Naughty or Nice, this outfit will let your friends know you are ready to be a bad santa tonight. Pair this top with black leather bottoms and hope there is more than coal is your stocking this year.

8) NYE Sparkle

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If there’s one night out of the year to go all out and turn on the sparkle, it’s undoubtedly New Year’s Eve. Start off 2018 as the life of the party!

9) Wish List

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You will be the hot item on everyone’s wish list by topping off your outfit with a red bow. No one will wait for Christmas to unwrap this gift.

10) Holiday Rave Couple

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We can’t leave our rave couples without outfit inspiration for the end of the year. Head out as a matching Santa and elf duo to make everyone turn their heads and make sure you find a mistletoe before the night is over!

Comfy or Chic!  Whatever you choose to wear to your next holiday festival you will surely make Santa proud. Are you creating your own outfit this season? Check out these DIY Rave Outfit tips before you start and find more holiday numbers to liven up your wardrobe this winter.

We can’t wait to see what our rave babes will be sporting! Tell us what you will be wearing to your next holiday festival in the comments below.

Have a very merry GloFX-mas!

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