New GloFX Programmable LED Poi

GloFX Programmable LED Poi

Here at GloFX, we are constantly striving to innovate new products and improve our current ones. We are excited to introduce our new Programmable LED Poi Balls. These poi balls provide endless possibilities for spinners and jugglers of any skill level, and are available as String Poi, Weighted Sock Poi, Unweighted Sock Poi, and as Juggling Balls.

If you have yet to try poi, you might not understand what it is. Poi is a performance or flow art that involves swinging a weight or ball on the end of a string or tether. You swing these weights in series of rhythmical and geometric patterns, which can be structured or improvised. Poi has recently been used as a way to keep senior citizens active and help improve mental health.

GloFX Programmable LED String Poi Color ChartOur Programmable LED Poi comes equipped with our most advanced, super-bright LEDs. These LEDs have 35 programmable colors and 9 custom-engineered modes, allowing you to completely customize your light show and amaze your audience. Choose 1, 2, or 3 colors and any of the 9 modes to create a totally unique and colorful visual pattern in the air while spinning. Plus, these LEDs have a battery life of up to 30 hours, so you can light up the night, all night long!

Because we built our Programmable LED Poi with our most advanced LEDs, they now have on-board memory, allowing you to save your favorite color pattern. You can even change the batteries without losing your saved pattern. With so many color and mode combinations to choose from, you’ll have endless options to choose from to create your perfect light show.

All of our poi balls are made with extra soft PVC plastic, making them safe on contact and perfect for all ages. Although soft, these poi balls are also durable, letting you flow freely.

Our String Poi is equipped with heavy duty swivel and strong, double loop handles, and our Sock Poi is built with custom socks for LED poi and a sewn-in knob handle. Both of these allow for a solid grip and maximum control of your spin, so you can perform any move or trick with confidence.

What’s not to love? Our Programmable LED String Poi, Sock Poi and Juggling Balls allow you to completely customize your light show and are made from high-quality materials. They’re perfect for any age or skill level too! Try out this fun art form and learn something new with your entire family.

Programmable LED Juggling Balls

Interested in learning poi? Check out our Flow Arts Learning Center for some tips and tricks to help get you flowing!

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