Unique Ways to Use GloFX Products

STEM Case Study

Music Festivals, Raves, and Wild Parties – these are three things people usually associate with GloFX. Which is definitely where we got our start, but most people would be surprised by the variety of people and places that use GloFX Eyewear and LED Products.

From classrooms to doctor’s offices, GloFX products are providing users with new ways to present ideas and view the world around us. Below are just a few ways we’ve discovered so far.

Diffraction Glasses

Paper Diffraction Glasses

Science teachers in middle schools have started to use Diffraction Glasses in their lessons on the light spectrum. By using Diffraction Glasses, the students are able to see the light spectrum in the real world instead of a picture in a textbook. These glasses provide teachers with the opportunity to improve their lesson plans and provide students with a unique experience in the classroom. Most teachers choose the paper version of our Diffraction Glasses because they are affordable and can be provided to each student.

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Kaleidoscope Glasses

Kaleidoscope Effect Glasses

Kaleidoscope Glasses have also been used in the classroom by teachers wanting to provide their students with real-world examples. The most recent example we’ve learned about is an Intro to Design art teacher explaining Immanuel Kent’s Perceptive Lenses of Reality to his students. Kent explains that every person wears perceptive ‘lenses’ (our 5 senses) that dictate our experience with the world around us. To explain this to his students, the art teacher provided each student with a different pair of Kaleidoscope Glasses to show them how we can all see the same thing in different ways.

Color Therapy Glasses

Color Therapy Glasses

Color Therapy Glasses not only provide a stylish pop of color – but they also have many mental health benefits that are being adopted by many doctors. Color Therapy, also known as Chromatherapy, the use of Colored Light in order to positively impact the body and its functions, as well as to regulate emotions. The belief that color plays a big role in healing the body has been around for 1,000 years. Our bodies are thought to “feed” on the colors in the natural spectrum of light, with each color affecting a specific emotion or part of the body. We’ve seen many therapy centers, neurological institutes, and even chiropractors bring in color therapy glasses as an additional resource for their clients.

Paper Color Therapy Glasses Wholesale Color Therapy Glasses are also available in paper frames for easy dispersion to clients as samples.

LED Gloves & Fiber Optic Whips

LED Gloves & Fiber Optic Whips

A new avenue for our LED products that we were excited to hear about is sensory therapy for children diagnosed with Autism. Some therapists have seen kids improve their sleep patterns, behavior, and increase their vocabulary after being introduced to a sensory room. In cases where parents are unable to take their child to a sensory room due to the time of day or location, they are able to use LED Gloves and Fiber Optics in their own home. The lights and textures of these products help the children focus and provide a calming effect. These studies are still very new, but it is encouraging to hear that GloFX products have been able to help improve a child’s life.

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