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When you walk into a rave, you can see the inspiration and creativity practically flowing through the venue. Vendors, live art, sculptures, music… You can go to a rave 100 times and still see something new every time! The festival planners put a lot of work into making the rave as much of an original experience as they can, and ravers who attend feed right into that spirit!

Festival fashion is a key staple at any EDM festival you attend, for both men and women alike. This season, trade in your plain tees and basketball shorts for something that truly shows off your personality.

This article will help you tap into your creativity and put together the best rave outfit known to man! (Literally.)

The Art of the Button-Up

Let’s start with the basics here: shirts. One of the best, go-to rave shirt options would be a classic button-up. You can style this type of shirt in so many ways. You can leave it buttoned up all the way as if you are just walking down the sidewalk of a city, or you could unbutton it a bit like the picture below.

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This person goes simple with his baseball jersey, and even has a white shirt underneath. Never forget that layering is an option! Plus, if jerseys are your thing, lots of DJs sell their own! Show up to the rave sporting your favorite DJ’s baseball jersey!

You could also go further and unbutton the whole shirt. With or without a shirt on underneath, this screams ‘style’ 10x more than just a regular t-shirt. Don’t be afraid to wear a bold pattern! It is a rave festival after all

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Finally, you can go all the way and wear no shirt at all! It’s a bold move but acceptable where almost every wardrobe choice is fair game… a rave! If you’re ever going to gallivant around without a shirt, besides the beach, a rave is the best place to do it.

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One make-or-break for an outfit can be the eyewear. That means glasses, goggles, monocles, and everything in between!

Although it doesn’t necessarily matter if your eyewear matches your outfit perfectly, you’ll want to make sure that they at least coordinate.

For example, in the outfit below, these Pixel Pro Goggles don’t match this raver’s shirt, face mask, or pants. However, because his outfit is all black, setting the LED lights to yellow is a good choice. The color black (much like white) goes with just about everything! Get creative with colors, and see where they take you!

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Pixel Pro Goggles

These goggles below, much like the goggles above, do not match this outfit either. However, the aspect that makes this outfit is it’s intentional disorganization. This outfit thrives on mismatch patterns, fabrics, and textures. Putting these things all together creates a creative, full look that will fit right in with the rave crowd!

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Furry Party Animal Kaleidoscope Goggles

Hat Heaven

Hats are a super fun addition to any outfit, as well as to add a bit of flair to your style. Men generally think that they are restricted to snapbacks and beanies. We’re here to tell you – no! That isn’t true! Take this outfit for example.

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Take note that this look would have a completely different feel to it if the hat were not there. And! The hat is unique. Break that invisible barrier and wear the hat that’s going to make you feel the best! Every piece of clothing and every accessory is intentional. Remember, outfits are about expressing your personality! Raves are the perfect time to embrace that.

MC Squared Kaleidoscope Glasses

Festivals Love Tie-Dye

A great way to play around with patterns is by adding some tie-dye to your fit! Lots of cool patterns are available to buy, but if you’re feeling adventurous, try tie-dying your own! DIY or Do-It-Yourself outfits are extremely popular in the rave scene and are a great testament to your creativity and style!

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This outfit above is a perfect combination of some of the things we’ve already talk about. Hats, button-ups, and tie-dye. Notice how this raver’s buttons are slightly open in the middle! Never feel like you are limited to just one of these tips. Combining looks is how your style really becomes your own!

The All-One-Color Look

We’ve talked about mixing. Now it’s time to talk about matching!

In the past, matching a whole outfit was in fashion. But that’s the beauty about staying on trends. Now that you know that complete matching isn’t “in” right now, you also know that it would stand out in a crowd.

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You can even take it a step further and use temporary dye on your hair! Pair the look with some Color Therapy Glasses that will hue your festival days into a rainbow of experiences!

Hydration Packs

Turn necessity into fashion by investing in a fun hydration pack! Festivals, though exciting, are exhausting, especially if you are out and about from early in the morning to late at night. One of the most important things to do at a rave is to drink water and stay hydrated. However, because drinks at festivals are expensive and carrying around a water bottle is annoying, a hydration pack is the perfect choice!

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Instead of buying a standard one, treat yourself to a pattern you love. The pack can be an outfit in itself! Stay high fashion AND healthy.

Rave Fans

Just like many women carry bags as part of their outfit, there are many handheld accessories that can enhance an outfit unlike anything an article of clothing could do. In this case, we’re talking about rave fans. Not only are they helpful for a cooling purpose in the sweltering, summer heat, but they are also TONS of fun to clack to the beat of EDM music.

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Thanks for Reading!

We hope you found some helpful ideas to take to your next festival. Yes, there are trends and fads and fashion rules, but ultimately, be yourself! Wear what you want to wear! Even if you think your outfit is a hot mess but you feel happy and confident in it, that’s the outfit for you. Don’t let anyone tell you any differently. Good luck!

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