Festival Outfits For Men

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One may assume that festival outfits and fashion are strictly a concern for women. On the contrary, there are many different variations of men’s style that can be artfully crafted in a way that makes a statement for the male festival goer.

Statements are key when in a large festival crowd, probably one of the most eclectic crowds you’ll ever experience. We have the go-to festival outfit essentials for men that are sure to have people looking in the right direction and asking the right questions. 

Man’s Best Friend At Any Festival

From the mundane to the insane, there are tons of options for men when it comes to festival fashion. A style staple that is always comfortable and ever relevant, are harem pants. These pants are an easy go-to for the guy who wants comfort over everything, but still holds his personal style in a high regard. Harem pants can be worn during the day, at night, during a show, or downtime at the campsite. Guys can find these pants many places online or at the festival if you forget yours at home.

One style and utility tip for the male festival goer is to pack a ton of t-shirts. These are a man’s best friend at any festival. A pack of white t-shirts will always save you when it’s time to freshen up. A white tee can be a good low-key option when you’re already rocking some wild shorts and a bandana to cover your face from the dust that will inevitably be blowing at some point. Stylized t-shirts are a great thing to stock up on as well. They allow you to stay cool during the day, and show off your style at the same time.

Join In On The Theme

Every festival you go to will have some kind of theme that many people will adhere to when creating their outfits. For example, Lost Lands Festival, in Ohio, has a prehistoric theme. This awesome storyline warrants many attendees to dress up in outfits that resemble the Flintstones or even a triceratops. Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) makes everyone burst with color, so bringing out your most vibrant trunks is key to making sure you fit the theme of the festival. Going for a crazy cool tank will definitely be a good idea given the warm weather.

Get wild, and go for it. Some may forget that they are in a place of 100% acceptance. You can wear whatever your heart desires. Therefore, hitting up thrift stores for your festival outfits will give you the opportunity to get funky and create ensembles that are one of a kind.


Choice of Backpack

A key factor for any person at any festival, even for those who could care less about fashion is their choice of backpack. For some, the original backpack is the way to go. It’s easy, simple, and non-obtrusive. One of the most convenient bags to hold all of your supplies is the fanny-pack. Gone are the days when a fanny-pack was a signal of “dad at theme park” lameness. We have reached full circle where the fanny-pack is a solid style choice as well as a great fashion accessory.

Bags that solely hold items are all well and good, but the most informed festival attendee understands that it is important to stay hydrated. While water bottles can do the trick, they tend to get lost, or littered, and neither of those is ideal for a three-day festival. Therefore, in this day and age, we have the beauty of the hydration pack. The hydration pack is the ingenious symbiosis of water vessel and backpack. It is the definition of a two-in-one and is every festival attendees best friend.

Final Thoughts

Guys who frequent festivals and festival fashion do not always go hand-in-hand. However, everyone is involved in style one way or the other. These tips on men’s festival outfits should be a helpful guide to what to bring to a festival so that you are both equipped and looking fresh. Let us know what you think every guy should consider wearing to the next big festival.

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