Top 5 Bad Excuses For Not Attending An EDM Festival

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We all have that one friend who seems to have an endless list of reasons for skipping out on fun events. AKA: “That Guy“.  We’ve compiled a list of 5 terrible excuses that we’ve heard for not attending an EDM festival or rave, and prepared responses you can use for each one.

Festivals are a place where new friendships are made and relationships with old friends grow even stronger. There is a place for everyone. So the next time you hear one of these lame excuses, you’ll know what to do.

1) Excuse: I’m too old!

I’ve been raving for YEARS, and I don’t want to stop, but I’m starting to feel old… from aves

How to respond: “You will never be too old to go to a festival! Why waste an experience just because you’re worried about what others might think? Every second in life is precious, which means there’s no time to be self-conscious about your age. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to go to festivals at your age, then it just means that maybe you have a bigger role to play than you think. You have the opportunity to inspire people by showing them that age is just a mindset. Too many people worry about growing old, but you can show them passion doesn’t fade with old age. You belong at a festival just like the rest of us.” 

We’ve all felt like outsiders at some point in time, it’s normal for people to feel as if they don’t belong somewhere whether it’s because of age, ethnicity, gender, or any other trait that defines our identity. Today’s society puts a strong emphasis on the need to “fit in,” when it’s the uniqueness of each individual that should be praised.

Sure, people in their mid-30s might be easy to point out at a festival dominated by young adults, but when you look past their age, you begin to notice similarities, such as the way the music makes us all feel and how we all make that same face when the DJ drops an unexpected banger. Where did this rule come from that said older adults shouldn’t be allowed to party?

EDM festivals have always been a place that accepts people of all kinds. It seems silly to assume that once you reach a certain age, you’re no longer welcomed at a festival and its time to grow up, because adults aren’t allowed to have fun, right? Wrong! If anything, adults deserve to have more fun than anyone, and aged ravers are practically seen as gurus by the less-experienced.

2) Excuse: My girlfriend or boyfriend can’t go.

How to respond:You shouldn’t feel guilty about going to a festival without your partner. With enough trust, you should be allowed to experience things as an individual. Your S.O. should be happy at the thought of you being at the festival having the time of your life. A weekend without each other is nothing compared to the rest of your lives you two get to spend together.”

Sure you want to spend time with your rave bae, and it’s normal to feel guilty about going to a festival without your significant other. But whether or not that should affect you going is a question that sparks much debate.

On one side, going to a festival without your partner can be seen as selfish because you’re intentionally indulging yourself in sensory pleasures while your partner is away and unable to share the experience with you.

On the other side, a couple should encourage each other to pursue opportunities that hold valuable life experiences, even if they don’t involve the other’s participation. With that said, there is no right or wrong opinion on this, since every relationship is different. However, as a rule of thumb, you should always consider what’s best for you over anyone else.

3) Excuse: I don’t know anybody going.

How to respond:You shouldn’t rely on the company of your friends to have a good time somewhere. Embrace the time you have alone and use it to meet new people at the festival. You never know who could end up becoming an important part of your life. The point of going to festivals is to connect with like-minded people whose only chance they have at meeting people is at these events. As long as you are genuine and give off good vibes, you’re bound to cross paths with a group of people who you can share the experience with.”

For some people, the idea of attending an event alone can be scary. When you’re at a festival with your friends, you can rely on them and know that they’ll take care of you if anything happens. When you’re by yourself, you don’t have that assurance and must count on yourself to provide protection. Of course, an EDM festival isn’t a place where you should feel the need to have your guard up. In fact, going solo to a festival could open up opportunities that were previously closed off to you.

Navigating through a festival as a member of a group puts restrictions on what you can do, assuming you choose to follow what the majority of the members do. Not everyone is meant to experience festivals in the same way. Sometimes, the best path for you will involve deviating from your friends and embarking on a personal journey that will take you somewhere you’ve never been to before, literally and figuratively. Bring some kandi to trade or get a pack of mind-warping paper Diffraction Glasses and pass them out to your fellow ravers, and you might be shocked at how many new friends you make at the event. 

4) Excuse: I haven’t heard good things about it.

How to respond:Don’t be influenced by what you hear about a festival. You won’t make the same decisions they did, and you’ll be around people who will make sure you have the best time of your life.”

Indeed, a festival’s reputation is enough to persuade someone into purchasing a ticket. Hearing people share their experiences at a festival can have a powerful influence on your perception of that particular event. You should realize that just because one person had a bad time at a festival doesn’t mean everyone who goes to it will have a similar experience.

The festival plays only a small role in shaping your overall experience. The music is obviously a key factor in the overall rating of your experience, but there are others to consider such as the weather, stamina, vibes, and all the small decisions made throughout the day that can either positively or negatively affect your experience.

It’s important to consider situations that can occur and to take preventive measures in order to reduce their impacts. Small things like packing extra clothes, eating a good breakfast, being well-rested, and surrounding yourself with the right people can significantly improve your experience at a festival and prevent you from having a bad time.

5) Excuse: It’s not my type of crowd.

How to respond:If you learn to accept them and focus your energy towards the music, then you’ll be able to enjoy the festival no matter who is around you. You’ll regret missing out on an amazing experience because you didn’t like the type of crowd. Festivals are where you’re meant to be, not them. Are you really going to let them force you out of the place where you discovered true happiness? I don’t think so.”

If you’ve ever been to a music festival, then you know how much of a buzzkill a bad crowd can be. Any event, regardless of its type, attracts some type of crowd. Whenever people return back from a festival, they will almost always mention the type of crowd they observed there. For the most part, EDM festivals manage to prevent the quality of its crowds from deteriorating.

Ever since the mainstream shifted it’s focus to EDM, festivals have seen a rise in crowd pollution due to intruders (commonly referred to as “bros”). Their presence can drastically impact the overall vibes at a festival. As more of them continue to infiltrate the scene, the ones most affected by this will be the true fans of EDM.

Should this stop you from going to an EDM festival? Absolutely not! You are responsible for your own happiness, which means only you can give them the power to control your life. Don’t deprive yourself of an incredible experience just because you have to share it with a few bad apples. At the end of the day, we’re all here to coexist and enjoy the riches of life together.

Heard any other awful excuses? Share them in the comments section and we look forward to seeing you at the next festival!

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