GloFX Bulk pack Diffraction Glasses

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Why Packs?

Our Packs are a convenient way to stock up and save on your favorite sets of rave eyewear from GloFX! We offer packs of some of our most popular styles including: Ultimate Diffraction Glasses, Standard Diffraction Glasses, as well as our Paper Diffraction Glasses. With packs ranging in size from 2 – 100, these are perfect for:

  • Party Favors
  • Splitting with friends
  • A house party or rave
  • To have an extra pair of your favorites!
  • Class experiments
  • And more!

Why Choose GloFX?

GloFX is the worldwide leader in dimensional eyewear. We produce and ship all of our products directly from our Tallahassee FL offices, and have stringent quality control standards in place. Moreover, many of our glasses are covered by Lifetime Limited Warranties.

Interested in selling GloFX Glasses?

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