10 Reasons To Join The GloFX Promoter Program

With spring fast approaching, the time has arrived for ravers to begin making plans for their summer festival excursions. Without proper rave gear, their experiences won’t be nearly as profound.

Now is the perfect time to consider getting involved with a company that plays a part in creating thousands of unforgettable moments at EDM festivals. If you haven’t heard of the GloFX Promoter Program, then continue reading our ten reasons why you should join it.


1) You enhance the vibes at any EDM event


GloFX Festival Promoter

It’s no mystery that people get enjoyment from looking at lights through a pair of Diffraction Glasses. Almost every person can recall the first time they experienced the visual sensations of our rave glasses. It sparks a feeling so euphoric that you can’t wait to share it with others.


GloFX promoters have the unique opportunity to spread joy by taking our products to shows and providing people a chance to view the world from a much more enhanced perspective.


2) You can earn cash by promoting rave gear


GloFX Promoters can actually make money from simply doing what they love! Each GloFX Promoter receives a unique promo code that provides people with a discount on their rave gear.

Every time a promoter’s code is entered into GloFX.com and results in a purchase, the promoter earns a commission which can be redeemed for either cash or store credit.


3) You gain experience in the marketing world


Promoting is a great way to practice the skills needed to be successful in the marketing field. Promoters are an important part of a company’s marketing efforts because they have the ability to interact with individuals more intimately than a company can.

GloFX promoters learn how to advertise products by distributing promotional merchandise amongst EDM festival goers, showcasing rave gear via social media or in person, spreading the word about new deals on GloFX.com and extending our reach across thousands of miles.


4) You make new friends


Promote GloFX Team Rave Gear

Just about everyone who promotes for GloFX ends up making friends simply by bringing our rave gear to events and interacting with others via our awesome products.

Promoters can distribute a variety of promotional items included in all of our GloFX promoter packages offered exclusively to members of our team.

Each type of package is uniquely curated to compliment your style of promoting by providing you with the rave gear that suits you best.


5) You build your resume


Being a GloFX Promoter means you’re part of a team that works together towards a common goal. The Promoter Program teaches you valuable skills that will benefit you anywhere you decide to work.

Adding your history as a GloFX promoter to your resume can help enhance it by showing interviewers that you are capable of working with others and have experience in the marketing field.


6) You build confidence and become more social


GloFX Rave Promoter

One of the most important aspects of promoting is communication. GloFX Promoters use their voice to influence other people, hoping they will make a purchase on GloFX.com using your promo code.

Promoters develop their social skills by initiating conversations with ravers at EDM shows. A GloFX Promoter’s goal is to introduce the masses to GloFX. This would be hard for promoters to do if they did not feel comfortable in social settings.

Fortunately, this obstacle can be overcome with enough experience.

As a GloFX Promoter, people value your opinion on what rave gear they should buy. If you don’t value your own opinion then nobody else will either! Being confident is not easy, but it can be achieved with time.

A common strategy for GloFX Promoters is to approach people at a show and offer them free merchandise such as Paper Cardboard Diffraction Glasses or Glow Wristbands.

At first, it might be difficult to get yourself to talk to a group of people. It can be intimidating because of the uncertainty of not knowing what they’ll think of you.

Of course, there’s nothing to fear. Almost every time, they’ll want to hear what you have to say especially if you’re giving them free stuff and letting them use your rave gear.

Sometimes a person might even respond by offering you something in return, like a Kandi bracelet or a friendly hug! Eventually, GloFX Promoters realize there’s no reason to be nervous because you’re only trying to make their night even better.


7) You become a part of a something bigger


Once you are part of the GloFX family as a Promoter, you become part of a network of people who share your love for promoting positive vibes and making a difference in the EDM community.

All of our GloFX Promoters gain access to our exclusive Facebook group, where they can interact with one another. Members of the group can share ideas, organize meetups, express their opinions, and most importantly encourage each other to do the best they can.

No matter what festival you go to, there will almost always be another member of our team who is there. Our team covers the majority of the country and spans out across the globe. GloFX Promoters never have to worry about not knowing anyone at a festival.


8) You help grow the EDM industry

 Promote Festival Rave Gear

GloFX Promoters impact the EDM industry by promoting the sales of products that are designed for ravers.

Just like festival promoters, GloFX promoters help to grow the community and encourage people to invest their money into the EDM industry.

As a result of this, EDM event organizers can create more opportunities for ravers to see their favorite DJs perform at festivals. We are proud to have been official sponsors of some of the largest EDM festivals of 2016, and we expect to make an even bigger impact 2017.


9) You get exclusive discounts on rave gear and special offers all year long


As a GloFX Promoter, you have access to discounts and specials that are not available to the public. Promoters get 20% off their personal orders on GloFX.com and can take advantage of monthly specials exclusive only to the GloFX Team.


10) You get a voice within the GloFX company


We are always asking GloFX Promoters for their feedback on a variety of topics, such as what improvements we can make on the Promoter Program, or what new styles would they like to see added to our line of Dimensional Eyewear. GloFX Promoters play a key role within the company because they can provide insights on what’s trending in EDM scene.

 Promote GloFX Rave Gear


We recognize the unique talents each GloFX Promoter possesses. We encourage them to get more involved with us in order to find opportunities for them to succeed and make their dreams possible.


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