US Congressman Al Lawson Visits GloFX Headquarters

Welcome Congressman Al Lawson
al lawson 1

US Congressman Al Lawson experiencing GloFX Kaleidoscope Glasses for the first time.

US Congressman Al Lawson visited GloFX headquarters in Tallahassee on Wednesday October 18th, marking yet another sign of the company’s rapid growth and success.

Congressman Lawson has been of service to the State of Florida for over 28 years, serving in the both the Florida House of Representatives and State Senate prior to his tenure in the US House of Representatives. In fact, he is known as the “Dean of the Senate” due to his years of exemplary service.

During the visit Congressman Lawson was curious to know how GloFX contributes to both the federal and state economies through investments in the community and creation of new jobs.

Of course, like anyone getting their first experience with GloFX’s innovative line of products, there was plenty of time to try on Kaleidoscope and Diffraction glasses, and experience the wonders of dimensional eyewear!

As he toured the facility he learned about GloFX’s manufacturing processes and systems, which have been critical to the company’s success.

Al Lawson 3

GloFX CEO Dan Watkins explains a manufacturing process to Congressman Lawson, FloridaMakes CEO Kevin Carr, and associates.

In addition to his long career in politics, Congressman Lawson has operated his own successful small business in North Florida, and he enjoyed swapping stories with GloFX CEO and founder Dan Watkins on the unique joys and challenges of entrepreneurship.

Congressman Lawson’s visit was due in part to GloFX being awarded the 2017 Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Award. This award is a collaborative effort between FloridaMakes and The Florida Sterling Council. In fact, FloridaMakes CEO Kevin Carr was on hand for the visit as well, and shared some insight into why GloFX is turning heads in their marketplace:

“GloFX stands apart from many manufacturing companies of their size in that they are driven by a firm understanding of their current and potential customers, and employ a data-informed strategy for growth. Their focus on people, processes, and systems stands out ahead of most companies their size and larger.”

Al Lawson 4

Congressman Lawson swapping stories with GloFX team members.

The Congressman’s visit was highlighted with a closing chat with a number GloFX team members. He inquired about individual job roles, the challenges they face, and the rewarding aspects of working for a dynamic and growing business.

In turn, he shared valuable insight into how efforts at all levels of government contribute to the development of a prosperous and sustainable economy. And of course, he took a few moments to charm the staff with humorous tales from his adventures in our nation’s Capitol.

GloFX is honored to have hosted such an esteemed and valuable member of the community, and there is little doubt that he is one of the first federally elected officials to look so good in a pair of Kaleidoscope glasses!


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