DJ’s as Game of Thrones Characters

DJs as Game of Thrones Characters


Season 7 of Game of Thrones has come to an unfortunate close and no one is ready to talk about it yet. The season finale did show us a ton of scenes we have been waiting for and gives us something to look forward to with Season 8, as HBO always does. So while we wait a ridiculous amount of time for the new season, we decided match up our favorite DJs with the Game of Thrones character they would be. Find out below!

DJ: MarshmelloGoT Character: Arya Stark

marshmello and arya

They are both really good at pretending to be someone else. Marshmello is Dotcom, we all know this. And Arya has been pretending to be someone else from day 1. She was even taught by the Faceless men how to become “no one.”

DJ: RezzGoT Character: Sansa Stark

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Both are up and coming queens who are fierce with a soft side. Sansa is now the Queen of the North and Rezz has been on the rise, especially with her new album “Mass Manipulation.”

DJ: DiploGoT Character: Ned Stark

diplo and ned stark

They both started the game. Whether it’s the Game of Thrones race for Ned, or the music producer game for Diplo, both were very influential to their followers and for those who came after them. They are names to look up to.

DJ: The ChainsmokersGoT Character: Cersei Lannister

You don’t really like either of them, but you have to deal with them because they are so powerful. The Chainsmokers were true to themselves years ago but now are only producing mainstream pop. Cersei is the Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms but even her brother doesn’t love her anymore after what she has done. She made it to the big time and has done whatever it takes to get there.

DJ: TiestoGoT Character: Theon Grayjoy

tiesto and theon

They both switched sides when it made sense for their best interest. Tiesto completely changed his style from Trance to Electro House. Theon was born a Greyjoy but grew up as a Stark in their home. He then betrayed them and eventually betrayed his own name as well. What a bunch of traitors.

DJ: BassnectarGoT Character: Daenerys Targaryen

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Both of them are adored and followed by many with their long flowing hair. Bassnectar calls his fans “bassheads” and has an almost cult like following due to his style of DJing, which is all made up on the spot. Daenerys gained her following by leading those around her and rising to whatever situation she was put in. Plus, now with her two dragons, who wouldn’t listen to her? Besides Cersei, of course.

DJ: Deadmau5GoT Character: Joffrey

deadmau5 and geoffrey

They are both rude to those around them. Deadmau5 curses in interviews and has a standing beef with many other DJs. Even after his huge revival, he has claimed EDM is dead (Editors Note: It isn’t!)  and Joffrey thinks other peoples’ pain is hilarious. He deserved that spiked cup of wine after all he did to Sansa and those before her.

DJ: FlumeGoT Character: Jon Snow

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Both were someone else, and then kind of died out. Then, they became even better the second time around. Flume started off as part of What So Not and then broke off to do his own thing. Jon Snow was part of the Night’s Watch and was killed by his men and then came back to life thanks to Melisandre. This broke his vow with the Night’s Watch and he rose to become the King of the North. They both ended up on top.

DJ: SkrillexGoT Character: Tyrion Lannister

skrillex and tyrion

They both started off very different than how they ended up today. Skrillex began his music career in a punk rock band and is now deep in the Dubstep game.  Tyrion was loyal to his family at first. Now he is working hard to defeat them alongside Daenerys as the Hand of the Queen.

DJ: Martin GarrixGoT Character: Margaery Tyrell

martin garrix and Margaery Tyrell

These are two of the sweetest and some of the youngest in the game. They are widely known for these attributes. Martin Garrix was 17 years old when he released his hit track “Animals” and Margaery has been regal from birth. Her grandmother raised her to be kind and compassionate in a world full of hate.

DJ: Calvin HarrisGoT Character: Jamie Lannister

calvin harris and jamie lannister

First of all, these men kind of look alike. Second, they are both big names who worked hard at first but don’t really do anything more than they have to (anymore). Calvin Harris back in 2013 – 2015 was one of the biggest names in EDM. Now he’s simmered down quite a bit. Jamie Lannister is head of the Lannister army, yes, but he really doesn’t do as much as he once did. It’s only whatever Cersei tells him to do.

DJ: Big GiganticGoT Character: Yara Greyjoy

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All three of them are sassy and outspoken, but hard working individuals. Big Gig with that sax is always a good time and a strong but powerful instrument. Yara took the role her brother Theon left when he was taken in by the Starks, so she’s always had to be two people anyways. She redefines typical gender stereotypes by commanding her own ship, and she was almost named the first queen of the Iron Islands.

DJ: OdeszaGoT Character: Samwell Tarley

odesza and sam

These three are all sweet, helpful, very smart, and this makes them a bit different than everyone else. Odesza always has live performances, proving their knowledge and skill in the music industry.  Sam always has his nose in the books and was studying at the Citadel for an entire season learning as much as he could.

DJ: Dillion FrancisGoT Character: Melisandre

dillion francis and melisandre

These are both party people who don’t really belong to one person or genre. They also both have a strong effect on others around them. Dillion Francis is known for his hilarious Instagram presence and Melisandre is known for being feisty and literally full of fire. Both have big personalities and are not afraid to show them.

DJ: Porter RobinsonGoT Character: Brianne of Tarth

porter robinson and brianne of tarth

Both can be sweet and get down and dirty sometimes, but are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Porter Robinson has been melting hearts since he started producing his own music and has now become more grimy with his drops. Brianne of Tarth is a fierce fighter who has a sensitive side when it comes to the Stark girls and Jamie Lannister.

Artist: Ed SheeranGoT Character: Random soldier in Lannister Army

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Ed Sheeran showed up in Game of Thrones season 7 premiere and everyone lost it. He entered the scene by singing, of course, and Arya sits with him for a minute. Ed Sheeran has become a huge name in the music industry especially with his recent album Divide and since his best friend is Taylor Swift, he gets a lot of attention.


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