Top 5 DJ to Follow on Instagram

Diplo instagram

For a DJ, being a star on social media is arguably just as important to being a star in the studio.  Some DJs have truly mastered the art of social media, and The Rage has ranked the top 5 DJs worth following on Instagram.


Diplo EDM Rave

This legendary producer and DJ’s antics on social media have been known to draw controversy over the years, and for good reason.  Diplo absolutely doesn’t hold back when it comes to speaking his mind, and this makes him one of the most entertaining dudes in the game on IG.

@Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis EDM Rave

Dillon Francis is hands-down the funniest DJ on the planet.  His videos are absolutely hilarious, Dillon could probably moon-light as a comedian if he wanted to.


Tiesto Rave

While not as controversial or funny as the previous two mentioned DJs, Tiesto’s Instagram account is worth following solely to catch a glimpse at this producers truly jet-set lifestyle.  Apparently if you have been knighted in The Netherlands and headline nearly every major EDM in the world then you get to live pretty well.


A-Trak Festival

On the more artistic side of things, we have Fool’s Gold label boss himself, A-Trak.  This guy posts some really beautiful photography, and he is constantly posting videos of himself cutting up and re-inventing popular EDM tracks on the turntables.


Piano Mija EDM

Mija’s Instagram gives you the ability to catch a glimpse of the what it is like to be the largest female star in EDM today.  Her Instagram is constantly receiving guest appearances from other OSWLA artists like Valentino Khan and Skrillex.

Is there a famous DJ that you think should have been included on this list?  Let us know in the comments section!


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