Top 5 Features of The Ion Orbit

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GloFX is excited to announce that the next evolution in orbiting is here! The Ion Orbit has been in development for months and has gone through multiple rounds of testing and feedback from the orbiting community to ensure that it will be your new favorite orbit.

What’s to love about the Ion? Lots! Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Features:

Ion Black and Clear - Choose Your Color

Can’t decide on black or clear? Get them both!

(1) The orbit is perfectly balanced which creates an effortless spin. In fact, the Ion was custom engineered with feedback from pro-level orbiters to be the smoothest spinning orbit ever! It’s completely rattle-free because the casing is made of ultra-durable polycarbonate which is durable and superior to it’s 3D printed plastic counterparts. The orbit comes in two colors; Onyx Black and Crystal Clear.

(2) The Ion Orbit comes fully assembled with 3 lightweight LED lights. These lights are vibrant, high intensity, and feature a brightness control to ensure light shows are exactly what you want to throw.

Never Lose a Screw(3) Never worry about losing the screw that holds the entire product together because it is fixed in place. The Ion Orbit comes with a screwdriver for easy battery replacement. Fortunately, you won’t have to do that too often, because these batteries will last for over 10 hours!

(4) It’s powered by Lux which means 34 color choices with 9 display modes for a total of over 1 million color combinations. The Ion features onboard memory that will save your favorite color pattern, even if the batteries are replaced. It also comes with a low battery consumption mode, perfect for practicing your moves and will last up to 20 hours of continued use!


(5) Last but not least, look forward to a sweet carrying bag for the orbit that will keep your strings, handles, and orbit safe wherever you go. The complete set offers all the tools you need to flow including the Ion Orbit, carrying case, T2 handles with satin string, 3 Lux 2.0 Microchips, 6 batteries, a screwdriver, and a User Manual and Lux 2.0 Mode Guide.

Check out the Ion Orbit in use in the video below:

While there are numerous other exciting features to the Ion Orbit, these are the top 5 that make this orbit unlike anything else in the flow arts community. All GloFX products come with a limited lifetime warranty and this Orbit is no exception. The Ion Orbit is ready to launch so don’t delay and get yours today! Keep calm and flow on.

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