The 5 Best GloFX Firework Glasses for NYE [With Pictures]


The 5 Best GloFX Firework Glasses for NYE

As we approach the end of another 365-day cycle, many thoughts begin to race in our heads. The anticipation of the future evokes a sense of both excitement and mystery within people around the world. To some, the dawning of a new year brings the hope of accomplishing new goals and opportunities. To others, 2017 is just a transition from one year to the next.

Whether you see it as a festive holiday or just another day in history, there is one aspect of starting a new year that everyone seems to look forward to…New Year’s Eve fireworks.


Millions of people gather in groups to witness stunning displays of fireworks shoot across the night sky. It’s an extraordinary sight to see an explosion of light fill the atmosphere. If you’re lucky enough to attend an EDM festival on New Year’s Eve then you will most likely get the chance to witness this with your own eyes.

Even if you won’t be raving your way into the new year, you can virtually experience an EDM festival by watching the fireworks through a pair of GloFX Firework Enhancing Glasses. Here is our pick for the best fireworks glasses to enhance every fireworks show no matter where you are.


5. Heart Effect Diffraction Firework Glasses


This one is a no-brainer. Nobody would ever expect to see fireworks explode into dozens of radiant hearts scattering across the sky. Witnessing such a spectacle makes you feel as if you were in a fairytale movie. Nonetheless, there is nothing fictional about these firework glasses.


When you put on our Heart Effect Diffraction Glasses, you’ll perceive a heart that appears around any source of light present in your field of view. These are no hallucinations either. They’re produced by the holographic technology used to design the lens for the fireworks glasses.

4. Spiral Diffraction Firework Glasses


Spirals have always been able to captivate people with their precise curvature and geometric form. That’s why these firework glasses have the perfect effect for ramping up the aesthetic power of a fireworks display.


Our Spiral Diffraction Glasses brings you as close to a galaxy as you can get without having to leave the comfort of your home planet. When the fireworks go off, your vision will get bombarded by visuals that cover the entire sky in galaxies of light.

3. Ultimate Diffraction Firework Glasses


Sometimes, the simplest patterns are the most effective. If you prefer the classic effect that popularized Diffraction Glasses in EDM culture, then you’ll want a pair of our Ultimate Diffraction Glasses. These firework glasses feature an effect that closely resembles the natural look of diffracted light.


To illustrate this, go outside at night and take a good look at the stars. Begin to slowly close your eyes until the stars appear to grow corners. This is being caused by a reduction in the amount of light entering your retinas. This same process is how the effects in our Ultimate Diffraction Glasses are achieved.


The light produced by the fireworks will pass through microscopic openings in the lenses, forcing it to split into separate beams that radiate outwards in multiple directions. Because of this, the explosions from the fireworks will seem much larger in scope.


2. Black Kaleidoscope Glasses – Rainbow Wormhole


For those who like a little bit of chaos in their firework glasses effects, we recommend our Kaleidoscope Glasses that feature the Rainbow Wormhole lens. These lenses are tapered around the center, which gives you total clarity within the inner boundaries of your sight. Outside of that region, objects in your field of view are refracted by the lenses in order to reproduce multiple fragmentations that span across your peripheral vision.


If you were to watch a firework go off while wearing Wormhole Kaleidoscope Glasses, instead of seeing only one explosion, you would see dozens of them because of the refractive nature of the lenses.

For a more intense effect, the Kaleidoscope Glasses – Rainbow will completely turn your world into a kaleidoscopic wonderland.


1. Paper Diffraction Firework Glasses


If you’re having an NYE party and want to treat your guest to some epic party favors, then your best choice is our Paper Cardboard Diffraction Glasses. They minimize costs without losing functionality so you can quickly cover your entire party in GloFX gear without burning a hole in your wallet.

The best part about these firework glasses is that they are just as powerful as our Ultimate Diffraction Glasses. The primary difference is the cardboard material used to produce the frames. When the fireworks are launched, everyone’s visual experience will be elevated by the effects of ultimate diffraction. We consider these the #1 Best Firework Glasses because they are perfect for sharing.


GloFX Compare Diffraction & Kaleidoscope Glasses


All GloFX Glasses feature special effects that enable different ways of looking at fireworks. No matter what, you’re going to be dazzled by what you see. Depending on what type of effects you enjoy most, the only job you have is to choose the right firework glasses that suits you best.

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